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The power of the word – breaking latest news

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The power of the word – breaking latest news

Martín Alonso, in his work Science of language and art style, establishes the meaning of the word: word, verb, voice, term, expression, diction, locution, lexicon, vocabulary, synonym, paronymy, semantics, orthology, spelling and language. According to the Larousse Illustrated Dictionary, the “word” comes from the Latin “parable,” which refers to a narrative from which a moral teaching or an important truth is deduced. Only human beings have the wonderful privilege of fully enjoying words. José Martí said: “the word is not to conceal the truth but to tell it.” The word is a means of communication with our peers, it is a reciprocal action between sender and receiver. The reciprocal and fluid dialogue between people is the talk of honor through the conference, speech, sermon, reasoning, exposition.

Socrates, the author of maieutics, through the word executes the art of questioning: he asks the wise to learn, the people of little knowledge to teach them, and the sophists to make them confess their error, hence the expression ” I only know that I know nothing”, the sophists say that they know everything and know nothing. This allows us to reflect that knowledge is infinite, human capacity is insufficient in the face of the scientific and technological advance of humanity. Communication through the spoken and written word allows the construction of culture and wisdom.

Words have the power to govern men and build entire nations. The word flies freely in the agora, in the assembly, in public and private institutions and in daily life.

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