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The price of goods in Xi’an closed city has soared and a box of vegetables sells for 438 yuan | Xi’an epidemic | Property reprimands citizens | Starving you poor

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[Epoch Times December 30, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Fang Xiao reported) The new wave of COVID-19 epidemic in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province has become more and more severe. The local implementation of stringent containment measures has led to shortages of supplies and soaring prices. , Popular grievances are boiling. A box of vegetables sold by a supplier designated by the Xi’an government is 438 yuan. Some people think it is expensive, but some community properties claim: “You poor people will starve to death if you can’t afford it.”

After Xi’an was closed down, the price of a box of vegetables sold by the government-appointed supplier was 438 yuan. The owner was too expensive. The property claimed: “If you can’t afford it, don’t BB, starve you poor people.” (Screenshot of WeChat dialogue)

According to a report from the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission on December 29, from 0:00 to 24:00 on December 28, 151 local confirmed cases were newly reported, all in Xi’an. Since December 9, the province has reported a total of 982 local confirmed cases (962 in Xi’an, 10 in Xianyang, 9 in Yan’an, and 1 in Weinan).

The Health Commission of the Communist Party of China notified on December 30 that 155 new local confirmed cases were reported in Xi’an, Shaanxi, from 0-24 o’clock on the 29th.

In other words, as of December 29, there have been 1,117 confirmed cases in Xi’an in this round of the epidemic.

Since the CCP is accustomed to concealing the true information of the epidemic, the official epidemic data has been seriously shrunk by outside doubts.

Xi’an officials require that the city’s communities will implement closed management from 0:00 on December 23 and not leave the city if necessary. All primary and middle schools are closed, non-essential places are temporarily closed, and dine-in is suspended.

As of 12:00 on December 26, Xi’an has designated 283 closed areas and 229 controlled areas.

Since Xi’an was closed for a week, local supplies have been in short supply and prices have soared. Netizens said that everything that Wuhan experienced (closing the city) back then is now re-interpreted in Xi’an. Netizens in Xi’an have expressed that they are on the verge of “exhausting ammunition and food.” A large number of netizens complained on Weibo that they had no food to eat and could not buy food.

On December 22, the Xi’an Municipal Government announced that the city will be closed for management the next day, resulting in the suspension of the Xi’an material procurement platform. A box of vegetables sold by a government-appointed supplier is 438 yuan. The owner thinks it is too expensive, and the property scolds: “If you can’t afford it, don’t BB, starve you poor people to death.”

According to the WeChat screenshot uploaded by netizens, the community owner group 1 (180), “Community Property No. 02” first posted a picture of “Hero’s Dish”, and then posted: “According to the instructions of the superior, the only designated vegetable supply in this community , No one is allowed to buy items from other channels, once a yellow code is found, it will be processed.”

“District Property No. 02” then posted: “The current price is 438 (yuan) per box. Please order if you need it.”

A resident asked: “Is this a money grab? A box of vegetables for 400 yuan? It’s really jade cabbage?”

“District Property No. 02” replied: “Don’t BB if you can’t afford it, starve you poor people to death!”

The above statement of residential property has aroused public outrage, and netizens believe that this also represents the attitude of the Chinese Communist government.

Netizen “All in” published an article on December 29 stating that he lives in Chang’an North District, Zi County, Yanta District, Xi’an, which is the first quarantine control area in Xi’an since the outbreak. On the morning of December 16th, it was discovered that the community was closed. Only entry was allowed but no exit was allowed. There was no sign before that.

On the morning of December 18, I went downstairs to throw garbage and found that the door of the unit was also sealed. It was only through neighbors that we learned that there were confirmed cases in the two buildings next door, and all units in the community were not allowed to enter or leave. The whole building couldn’t get out, and all the rubbish was thrown at the door of the unit. In the afternoon, I dared not watch the scene at the entrance of the unit!

I found out that my family needed to purchase supplies that day, and the nightmare began from this moment. “I started to choose shopping options on Meituan, but after I chose to place an order, the merchant never took orders. I changed a few more. The store is still the same. At this time, my heart is already in chaos. I just changed the platform and went to Jingdong Daojia to check it out. I found a fresh food store close to me. After the order was placed, the merchant did not take the order immediately. A few minutes later, the merchant did not take the order. I still took the order.”

Because the community is in an isolated control area, the unit door is also closed, and some takeaway boys are reluctant to come. The takeaway brother said that the orders received are all in the closed area, and some communities can be delivered to places far away from the door of the community. No one comes out to receive them. In the end, the customer service can only refund the order, which greatly delays his time. .

He constantly communicated with the takeaway boy and gave out red envelopes individually. After a whole afternoon of non-stop operation, it took a lot of setbacks to receive the supplies.

He scolded angrily: What the Xi’an municipal government said at the press conference, “The materials are sufficient, and they are delivered to every household by the property staff…” I was really out of breath. “Currently, it’s one meal a day, just hang one’s life on it.” I don’t expect the government to actually deliver the materials to the door as stated in the press conference. I only hope that the government can come forward and designate a procurement platform in each region. We people can buy the most basic living materials on it. Is the price affordable? It doesn’t matter anymore.

Another netizen posted on the 28th that Xi’an is the worst time since the lockdown, and instant noodles can be eaten without leaving home.

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