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The prison that “repairs”: the story of a “bully” who became an educator

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“The penalties cannot consist of treatments contrary to the sense of humanity and must aim at the re-education of the condemned”. Thus article 27 of our Constitution. This is the principle, but the reality? To what extent is detention really also a path to recovery and reintegration? The Italian data on the recidivism rate is merciless: seventy percent indicates the distress of a system that is unable to save or save itself.
However, there are exceptions that confirm how much the opposite, that is, the creation of a system fully centered on the constitution, is possible. That is, what the detention can be can be both a criminal and a treatment process.

Another prison

One of these exceptions is the story of Daniel Zaccaro, told by Marco Franzoso in “I was a bully” – in the bookshop for DeAgostini from 11 January -, and previewed by Franzoso at the Kayrós community together with the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, to the director of the Beccaria institute, Cosima Buccoliero, and to the singer Marracash.

“At 7 pm they took Daniel to jail. Sitting in the back seat, he felt completely dizzy. He looked out the window and saw nothing. After passing the traffic light in via Inganni, the carabiniere driving looked at him through the rear-view mirror and tried to play down with a joke: «We’re almost there, Zaccaro. Welcome to the Grand Hôtel ». Daniel snorted from his nostrils with a hint of a smile. The soldier who sat next to him tried to reassure him: «Don’t worry, two months at the most and you’ll be out. You’re young, try to put your head right. ” And then they arrived in front of the Beccaria gate. When he saw it open slowly in front of him, Daniel felt a lump in his throat tighten. Once past that gate, I will be marked forever: a criminal. This consideration was accompanied by confused feelings: anguish and assignment but also pride and rebellion. There was a war going on in Daniel’s mind. ‘

Daniel lives in Quarto Oggiaro, a difficult neighborhood on the outskirts of Milan, with little money and many quarrels in the family. Growing up on the street, in the yard and in junior high Daniel becomes a bully feared by all.

In addition to the unwritten rules, which had to be respected in some way, there remained a major obstacle: his physical appearance. Daniel was the youngest in the class, which was unacceptable to him. He knew he had courage to spare, and he had to find the right opportunity to prove what he was worth. Curious, awake, he couldn’t wait to test himself ».

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