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The prosecutor hits Biden for the crime of “bad memory” | International

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The prosecutor hits Biden for the crime of “bad memory” |  International

Special Prosecutor Concludes Investigation into President Biden’s Retention of Documents

In a 388-page report released by special prosecutor Rober Hur on Thursday, President Joe Biden is described as “A nice, well-meaning old man with a bad memory.” The report details the investigation into confidential documents from Biden’s time as a senator and vice president that he retained unduly in his power. Although Hur concludes that there is no basis to charge Biden with any crime, he repeatedly alludes to Biden’s age and memory, leading to a political and electoral condemnation without trial or jury.

The report outlines Biden’s five-hour interrogation following the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. It notes that Biden’s memory was “significantly limited,” and he had trouble remembering key events, including the dates of his vice presidency and the death of his son.

Hur was appointed prosecutor by President Donald Trump, and he fills the report with references to Biden’s poor memory and mental faculties. Biden’s lawyers have expressed frustration over the report, arguing that the treatment of Biden’s memory is unfair and inappropriate. They also criticized the report for discussing the potential impact of Biden’s memory on a hypothetical trial that will never take place.

When Biden learned of the report’s publication, he expressed frustration at the references to his son’s death and the implications about his memory. In a public appearance following the report’s release, Biden defended his memory and mental fitness while condemning the prosecutor’s treatment of his age and memory.

However, during this public appearance, Biden made a mistake when referring to the “president of Mexico, Al Sisi,” instead of the president of Egypt. This adds to recent slips Biden has made when speaking about world leaders, raising concerns about his mental acuity.

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For Republicans, the report has been a gift, and they are calling for Biden’s disqualification due to disability. The report leaves Trump to defend himself against the allegations, highlighting the enormous differences between both cases.

The president’s lawyers have accused the prosecutor of “totally irresponsible” behavior in the report. Biden’s exoneration is marred by the implications drawn about his memory and age, akin to the impact of FBI Director James Comey’s comments about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As the report continues to stir controversy, the implications may have a significant impact on Biden’s presidency and his prospects for re-election.

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