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The province’s urban gas safety investigation and rectification mobilization deployment meeting was held

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Make every effort to ensure the safety of the gas field and firmly hold the bottom line of safe production

The province’s urban gas safety investigation and rectification mobilization deployment meeting held Zhao Long

Southeast Net, December 2 (Fujian Daily · New Fujian Client reporter Lin Yuxi) On the 2nd, after listening to the national urban gas safety investigation and rectification mobilization deployment video conference, our province immediately held a video conference to learn and implement the party’s The spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on production safety, implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the spirit of the 11th Provincial Party Congress, and deploy the province’s urban gas safety inspection and rectification and safety production at the end of the year. Work. Acting Governor Zhao Long attended and delivered a speech, and Guo Ningning, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, attended the meeting.

Zhao Long pointed out that gas safety concerns thousands of households and involves social stability and stability. Relevant departments at all levels must increase their political acumen, insist on people first and life first, deeply learn from the national gas accidents in recent years, draw inferences from one another, and comprehensively implement policies to effectively prevent and defuse major gas safety risks, and effectively protect the people’s lives and property. It is necessary to act quickly and focus on the 10 key tasks proposed in the special rectification work plan of the State Council Office of Security Affairs, benchmarking against the national construction standards, operating standards and inspection standards, and comprehensively investigating various safety hazards in the gas field in our province. It is necessary to persist in dealing with hidden dangers as accidents, write off accounts one by one, resolutely and thoroughly rectify, and ensure that the gas safety situation in our province is fundamentally changed after one year of concentrated efforts. It is necessary to strengthen gas safety supervision, strictly implement the provisions of the new “Safety Production Law”, establish a gas safety consultation and judgment, information sharing, joint law enforcement and other working mechanisms to achieve true investigation, true management, true rectification, no formalism, no formality . It is necessary to comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety of gas, carry out a general survey of underground pipeline networks, speed up the establishment of a “digital map” of pipeline networks, increase the efforts to upgrade and reform gas facilities, tighten gas market access, raise the safety awareness of the whole society, and keep the bottom line of safety.

Zhao Long emphasized that all safety production tasks at the end of the year and the beginning of the year are heavy and pressured. All departments at all levels must coordinate development and safety, highlight key points, and pay attention to practical work. We must do our best to do a good job in fire safety and forest fire prevention, strictly investigate road traffic safety issues, strictly implement various safety measures in the field of construction, strengthen the management of the entire chain of hazardous chemicals, and coordinate the promotion of mines, dilapidated houses, fishing vessels, scenic spots, facilities and equipment, etc. The safety production rectification in the field ensures the stability of the safety production situation in the whole province. In accordance with the requirements of “party and government with the same responsibility, one post with two responsibilities, joint management, dereliction of duty and accountability” and the “three musts” requirements, the local territorial responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities, and corporate responsibilities must be tightened. After the change of office, the newly arrived leading cadres should seamlessly link up, immediately enter their roles, resolutely shoulder their responsibilities, earnestly do a good job in various production safety work, weave a tightly secured safety production network, and create even more for the party’s 20th victory. A safe and stable social environment.

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