Home News The Radicals criticize the “catch-all” candidate Claudio Scajola: “The usual system of power”

The Radicals criticize the “catch-all” candidate Claudio Scajola: “The usual system of power”

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The Italian Radicals, who yesterday with a banquet in Piazza San Giovanni in the capital, started to criticize the “catch-all” candidate Claudio Scajola, mayor of Imperia, the only one in the running as president of the Province and consequently also intending to reappear as mayor a series of initiatives destined to continue until the 18th, election day.

The president Igor Boni, the imperial secretary Gian Piero Buscaglia and Silvja Manzo (directorate Più Europa) spoke on the subject. Boni says: “It is absurd that it is said that to turn the page, to change, it is necessary to elect Claudio Scajola. This is going back. The problem is that in Imperia there is no alternative. Scajola also declared that he wanted to reappear as mayor in 2023, to avoid ending up like Domenico Abbo, who fell as president of the Province because he was no longer the first citizen. Not considering the legal events that see him as the protagonist, since we are guarantors, we observe that he represents a system of power, legal but negative, which is consolidated. Alternation, opposition is not guaranteed: it goes against the principles of democracy ”.

Boni continues: “As Radicals we will try to make the case of Imperia known nationally. There are also doubts about alliances. Those who now support Scajola made statements and took sides against him when he reappeared as candidate for mayor, while now he speaks of “the best possible center forward”. And to think that Scajola had said that after this new experience as mayor he would be withdrawn from politics “.

The Radicals have also prepared a sort of dossier on the subject.

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