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The Rap of Los Dos Mares, advantage for whom?

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José María Daza Sánchez

By José María Daza Sánchez

An Administrative and Planning Region (RAP) under the legal conception is an instrument whose purpose is to promote economic and social development, investment and regional competitiveness.

It is a Territorial Associative Scheme (EAT), on a supra-departmental scale, formed as an administrative entity under public law by two or more departments that have geographical continuity and continuity, which is created through the signing of an administrative agreement with prior authorization from the Departmental Assemblies of the departments that comprise it, also with prior approval from the Territorial Planning Commission of the Senate of the Republic.

Regional integration after the Political Constitution of 1999 was regulated; there had already been intentions of this order, before it, with Law 60 of 1993. Then, with the passage of time, changes have been made to try to allow greater autonomy in territorial associations as with Law 1962 of 2019, Law of Regions, which requires the creation of the Regional Administrative Planning Council and the appointment of a regional manager, in addition to article 19 of Law 1955 of the same year and has been adding to allow that ease of integration.

Regulatory Decree 900 of 2020 determines the strategic planning scheme. Its financing will be with own resources, credit resources, contributions from the General Budget of the Nation (PGN), etc.

Now, this type of territorial association systems seeks the projection of comprehensive improvement of its participants, hence, in the constitution of this RAP of the Two Seas, a series of questions arise that it would be important to be able to answer and clarify, given that Antioqueños really need and want to be able to go out into the world through the Pacific Ocean, where they have not been able to obtain the benefit. They are the drivers of that society.

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How would Chocó benefit from it? The paisas need our territory to have access to that exit. Although Chocó will hardly develop alone, it will not be from the RAP of the Two Seas either.

Or do we believe that, because we have a rich, millionaire partner, they are going to get their money for a “pretty face”? No. They don’t give a “stitch without a thimble”, say the grandmothers. It is laying out the territory so that they can achieve their goal, without having to fight for territories, because they have already realized that they will not achieve it that way. For good measure and we are facilitating their purpose.

One looks for relevant information on the networks, including the pages of the Assemblies, related to the topic, such as the Ordinances approved by the Departmental Assemblies (No. 129 of December 30, 2021, that of Chocó and No. 40, the ordinance of Antioquia), and cannot find it.

Did the Chocó deputies study the reality and interests of both sides and the common interests of the creation of this RAP? Did you analyze the pros and cons? What were the arguments that supported the request, on behalf of the departmental government, for the procedure to be approved?

Or was it a “pupitrazo” like many others? Really, did you know all the arguments and “benefits” for Chocó? Are we able to provide the resources required for the large infrastructure works required to achieve the purpose?

There is no one who really defends the project with arguments. The most worrying thing is that the rule establishes that after five years of operating the RAP, at the request of one of the component Departments, request the conversion, according to Law 1454 of 2011, article 36, to a Territorial Entity Region (RET), which means that one of them practically disappears, given that governance would be led by the most powerful, the one who has done the most management, the one who has invested the most resources and here, without minimizing Chocó, the Paisas will predominate in the “alliance.” and Chocó would practically lose its autonomy.

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Or the map published by the current Governor of Antioquia where Chocó disappears and unites the two territories with the name of Antioquia, is it free? That is dreaming with desire and, we and our leaders are so calm!

With President Gustavo Petro’s proposal on the canal in the northern part of the department or the Port of Tribugá project, we would not need partners like Antioquia, who come for their own sake and the benefit would be real and greater for Chocó.

We want to know the entire rationale, sincerely and openly on the part of the Chocoan leaders involved in the issue, without hiding, without hiding under the table, thus, surely the Chocoan community would support the project, otherwise, with so many doubts we will continue exploring until we reach the truth.

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