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The reactions of the right-wing parties to Meloni’s victory, from Orban to Zemmour

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The reactions of the right-wing parties to Meloni’s victory, from Orban to Zemmour

Three photos of Viktor Orbàn and the three smiling center-right coalition leaders shaking hands. Balasz Orban, political adviser to the Hungarian prime minister, posted this content on his Twitter page with a caption indicative of the degree of happiness in Budapest: “In these difficult times – he writes – we need more than ever true friends who share a vision and a common approach to the challenges of Europe. Long live the friendship between Hungary and Italy ». Europe and the troubles that Orbàn is going through with the Commission are the first thought once the exit polls come out.

The live election today, September 26, hour by hour

Another premier thorn in the side of Brussels did not wait for the final figures and chirped to congratulate the true triumph of the electoral round, Giorgia Meloni. From Vasavia the Polish Prime Minister wrote: “Congratulations to Giorgia Meloni”. Morawiecki is also part of the group of European conservatives chaired by Meloni.

Santiago Abascal, political leader of Vox, and Eric Zemmour, exponent of the French far right, did not refrain from commenting on the results of the Italian elections. The leader of Franco’s self-equalization party wrote: «Tonight millions of Europeans put their hopes on Italy. Giorgia Meloni has shown the way to a proud, free Europe of sovereign nations, capable of cooperating for the safety and prosperity of all ». Of the usual tenor is Zemmour’s message: «From Sweden to Italy, in recent weeks we have been experiencing the second victorious right-wing coalition in Europe, the cement of which is really the question of identity. I address all my congratulations to Mrs. Meloni and express my joy for the Italian people. A proud and free people who refuse to die ». For the French leader this is an unequivocal sign that “yes, we can get to power”. Also from France came the reaction of Marine Le Pen, leader of En Marche: “From the Italians a lesson in humility to the European Union”.

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