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The reason for the vibration of the SEG Building is ascertained. Why is the small mast so powerful? -Viewpoint · Observation-cnBeta.COM

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A few days ago, the reason for the vibration of the SEG Building, a super high-rise building in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, was finally announced, excluding factors such as subway operation, construction or blasting of surrounding projects, and air conditioning unit operation.It is the coupling of the wind-induced vortex-induced resonance of the mast and the change of the dynamic characteristics of the building and the mast, which caused the perceptual vibration of the SEG Plaza Building.


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Of course, it is estimated that most people do not understand such professional terms.To put it simply, the mast on the top of the building vibrates under the action of the wind, which causes the entire building to vibrate.

According to media reports, why does the vibration of the small mast drive the 79-story SEG Building to resonate? Zhu Hongliang, a professor at the School of Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, explained the doubts.

Professor Zhu Hongliang said that although the vibration of the mast of the SEG Building is not very large, it can cause the overall vibration of the building and have a great impact, which is caused by the dynamic characteristics of the structure.

Each structure has its own natural frequency, and high-frequency structures have multiple natural frequencies. When the mast vibration frequency is consistent with or close to the natural frequency of the structure itself, it can cause a strong response of the structure, which is determined by the characteristics of the structure itself.

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therefore,Causing large vibrations does not mean that a large load is required, but is determined by whether the frequency of the load is close to or consistent with the frequency of the structure itself.

At present, regarding the safety of the SEG Building, experts believe that the main structure is safe and can continue to be used. Dismantling the mast can effectively solve the problem of perceived vibration in the building, and the lightning protection and navigation mark functions of the mast can be re-arranged on the roof of the building.


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