Home News The recently vaccinated shopkeeper becomes a reference for the undecided

The recently vaccinated shopkeeper becomes a reference for the undecided

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He says: “After the article in the newspaper, many ask me how I am, I reassure them and then I send them to Doctor Tascini”

UDINE. In a few days she has become a small celebrity, but above all a point of reference for those who have not yet been vaccinated, because they are conditioned and held back by doubts and fears. Giuseppina Tomasin, 57, who together with her husband Rolando manages a fruit and vegetable shop in Viale Volontari della Libertà in Udine, was interviewed a few days ago by the Messaggero Veneto: her story as a woman convinced to get vaccinated directly by Professor Carlo Tascini, Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Central Friuli University Health Authority, he could offer many other people elements of reflection.

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