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The recruitment of teachers changes, the school goes on strike on Monday

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The recruitment of teachers changes, the school goes on strike on Monday

Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Snals, Gilda and Uil Scuola sound the alarm: “With this new decree, education is being destroyed”

BELLUNO. the school world in revolt. Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola, Snals and Gilda have called a strike on Monday against the decree law 30 April 2022 n. 36 which actually changes the methods of recruiting permanent teachers, as well as introducing a penalizing system for salary increases. For the unions, this is “a way of the government to discourage young people from entering the world of education,” they say. “This government that says it cares a lot for young people is acting against them,” says Snals’ Danila Tirabeni.


The very detailed decree proposes a more complicated path for entering the school. «The recruitment system will be structured in three phases: the first foresees an enabling course of initial training of 60 university training credits, concluded by written and oral tests with simulated lesson; the second foresees the competition and the third foresees a trial year with a final test.


A non-qualified teacher with three years of service in state schools in the previous five will be able to access the competition without qualification and will be included in an ad hoc ranking. To be hired, these teachers will have to sign a fixed-term contract until 31 August and acquire 30 university training credits with honors at their own expense. If they pass the final test they will be enabled and will be able to enter the role only after passing the test month. On the other hand, for those who have three years of service in public institutions in the previous 10, a reserve of places of 30% is envisaged for each region, class of competition and type of place. From the 2023-2024 school year, a permanent training and updating system for teachers will be introduced, divided into courses lasting at least three years. Access will be on a voluntary basis and will become mandatory for teachers hired after the adaptation of the collective agreement.

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Planning, mentoring, tutoring and coaching activities to support students in achieving specific school goals will also be an integral part of the training courses. All these activities will be carried out after teaching hours. In order to increase their salary, teachers will have to carry out additional unpaid hours and only 40% of those who apply will be able to see their application accepted. The salary progression of seniority remains unchanged. the cut in staff and resources To pay for all this, the government has set up a fund for the incentive for training equal to 20 million euros in 2026 which will reach 387 million in 2031. To recover resources, the number of staff will be reduced by right from 2026 and the fund for the teacher training card. In addition, the 2 million euros for the higher education school from 2027 will be drawn from this fund and also the money for the tutoring of new hires. «We do not admit that the coverage of the training incentive measures derives from the cut of staff (in Italy it is 10 thousand chairs) and from a part of the training bonus. The recruitment system is punitive for precarious workers and will determine the start of a new credit market, ”the unions say in a unified manner. “The school is being destroyed here,” concludes Tirabeni. –

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