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The region and relations with Rome

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The region and relations with Rome

UDINE. In the government of the first woman premier in Italy, Friuli returns to the center of politics that has a minister after 33 years. Giorgia Meloni goes up to Palazzo Chigi and the Pordenone senator Luca Ciriani, who is very loyal to her, will have the delegation of relations with the Parliament.

Ciriani has walked the steps of politics one by one, from the city council to the regional one with the experience of alderman and vice president; then the jump to Rome as a parliamentarian, minister from Saturday 22 October. On Friday 21 October he accompanied the premier to the Quirinale for consultations, this morning he will go up to President Mattarella to take the oath.

Here is the Meloni government: all the names of the ministers, there is also the Pordenone Luca Ciriani

The many challenges of this new government will begin on which Europe’s eyes are focused. One above all concerns energy. The economy has an urgent need to obtain quick and targeted interventions with concrete responses to the crisis.

Foreign policy is another test to be faced unambiguously starting with the war between Russia and Ukraine: the forces that make up the current majority have not always expressed univocal positions on the conflict.

New government

A trusted man of Meloni, 55, former regional councilor of the Fvg: this is who the minister Luca Ciriani is

It remains to be understood how the minor game of the undersecretaries will end after the promises made to some members of Lega and Forza Italia in the region. Governor Fedriga has a personal relationship with Prime Minister Meloni and Minister Giorgetti; with Ciriani in the government, the Region consolidates its relationship with the executive.

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