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The removal of traffic inspection points in many places in Jiangsu has significantly improved the efficiency of traffic

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The removal of traffic inspection points in many places in Jiangsu has significantly improved the efficiency of traffic

Original title: The inspection point has been removed, and the traffic efficiency has been significantly improved

Entering Nanjing South Railway Station will no longer check nucleic acid and health code

On December 7, the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued ten measures to further optimize the implementation of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, requiring no inspection of cross-regional migrants and no landing inspection. On December 8, the Ministry of Transport issued a notice on further optimizing and implementing the transportation work for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, requiring roads, waterways, and ship locks to “should be completely removed” to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and logistics. On the 8th, the reporter visited and found that all traffic stations and expressway intersections in Jiangsu quickly implemented the requirements, and the original inspection points and “landing inspections” were quickly removed.

The passages on the first floor of Nanjing South Railway Station have all been opened to go to the subway station and the parking lot without detours

At 10 a.m. on December 8, in the channel connecting the North and South Squares on the first floor of Nanjing South Railway Station, the reporter saw that the centralized nucleic acid sampling points for “landing inspection” that had been set up here the day before had been removed, leaving only some The white board rooms of the sampling windows are scattered in the passage, waiting to be dismantled and moved away.

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“We were notified to evacuate on the afternoon of the 7th.” Zhang Wenjiao, the deputy squad leader of the South Railway Station’s transfer team and the deputy team leader of the Nanjing Traffic Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, told reporters that it took 251 days from April 1 to the South Railway Station. They transported nearly 110,000 people in total. “This special class is composed of staff from various units such as transportation, public security, health care, railway, Yuhuatai District, and South Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office. Now it has completed its mission.”

The reporter found that after the removal of the barriers, the passage has basically returned to the state of “extensive access in all directions”, and the entrances and exits of the parking lot that were originally closed on the east and west sides have also been reopened. And through this passage, you can see that the passenger entrance and exit of the North-South Plaza Railway and the express passage of the subway station have resumed normal traffic. At the entrance of the station, the inspection checkpoint has also been cancelled, and passengers can enter the station directly by swiping their ID cards.

 Expressway inspection points removed on the 7th

Traffic at key toll stations is significantly faster

All inspection points on highways in the province were removed on October 7. At noon on the 8th, the reporter came to the East Gate of Nanjing and the Nanjing Toll Station of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. Although the blue ceiling that says “Epidemic Prevention and Control Inspection Checkpoint” is still there, all passages are open. The area fences originally used for landing inspections were also removed. “Yesterday afternoon, the toll station no longer conducts landing inspection. After that, many foreign vehicles do not need to stay here, and the traffic condition is much smoother.” The on-site staff told reporters that at 3 pm on December 7, after receiving the notice, the toll Station staff began to evacuate some containment measures, and relevant medical staff also left one after another. Next, the blue greenhouses and other facilities used for epidemic prevention and control will be removed one by one.

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“Now the highway is unimpeded!” Master Pan, a truck driver who transported vegetables all the way from Guangxi to Nanjing, told reporters that he usually travels between Guangxi and Jiangsu to transport fruits and vegetables to Zhongcai Market in Jiangning, Nanjing. Before evacuating at the traffic checkpoint, there will often be a delay of five or six hours on the highway. After no longer checking nucleic acid sampling and other certificates, the transportation time is greatly reduced, which is a great benefit for truck drivers.

“When entering Wuxi in the past, there was a special passage for vehicles from other provinces at the toll station. When I passed by today, I found that it had been withdrawn.” Xu Xuedong, a driver of Nantong Feihe Express Bus, said, “From yesterday, passengers did not need to check at the station. Along the way, because of the There is no longer a queue of vehicles in front of the toll booth, and it feels much smoother. I set off at 9 o’clock and arrive at 11 o’clock, which saves a lot of time.”

Since the 6th, relevant departments such as urban passenger transport and railways and many airports in the province have successively issued “card withdrawal” notices to loosen travel restrictions for the masses. At the same time, passengers are reminded to wear masks and keep a safe distance. (Dayue Shi Xiaolei)

(Editors in charge: Huang Zhuyan, Tang Lulu)

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