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The restoration project of the doors of the Alda Costa primary school

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The restoration project of the doors of the Alda Costa primary school

SCHOOL – 90th Alda Costa Ferrara School – 1933-2023. The contribution of the Rotary Club Ferrara

The restoration of the external doors of the Alda Costa school was possible thanks to the collaboration that the school management established with the Rotary Club of Ferrara and the particular attention paid by the councilor for public education of the Municipality of Ferrara Dorota Kusiak which he addresses “Thanks to Rotary in the figure of its President Adele Del Bello and those who preceded her, to all the members and supporters who contributed concretely to the project and to the school which promoted and implemented the intervention with the involvement of the children. This is an important restoration work that not only restores beauty to the school but conveys to children the historical importance of the city’s heritage, demonstrating the active role of the school in promoting active citizenship and enhancing our social and cultural fabric.”

Adele Del Bello President of Rotary Club Ferrara emphasizes that: “together with Past President Antonio Frigatti, we have strongly supported this magnificent redevelopment work, confirming the concrete commitment of the Rotary Club of Ferrara towards projects to enhance the cultural heritage of our city”.

Antonietta Allegretta, Headmaster of theAlda Costa Comprehensive Institute of Ferrara, Paola Chiorboli, project coordinator, Stefania Beccati, President of the ICS Alda Costa Ferrara Institute Council and of the Alda Costa Ferrara School Parents Committee, expressed their opinion “full satisfaction with the participatory process aimed at enhancing the school, demonstrating that the school can be the place in which to plan and launch important active citizenship actions by involving the associative world and relating in a profitable and proactive way with the Municipality of Ferrara”.

In fact, during the course of the work, the pupils of the Alda Costa primary school, guided by their teachers, carried out an educational journey of observation, research and documentation; each class created works in digital format, which will be published in the section of the ICS Alda Costa Ferrara website, dedicated to the 90th Alda Costa Ferrara School and on the institutional sites of the Municipality of Ferrara and Rotary Club Ferrara.

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This and other actions, such as the recent cleaning and care of the external flowerbed, are opportunities for the school to reflect with students and families, also through the documentation of the processes, on the importance of planning with the city and for the city ​​actions of active citizenship and valorisation of tangible and intangible heritage.

The restoration works of the five external doors, cleaning and restoration of the wooden doors and copper parts of the Alda Costa primary school were communicated to the families and citizens during the inaugural event of the project on 2 October 2023, which ended in month of November 2023 by the Bocchimpani company and the restorer Paola Zambello.

The initiatives implemented on the occasion of the 90th anniversary are in continuity with the paths that ICS Alda Costa Ferrara has always promoted and carried forward in all these years, in continuous collaboration and full synergy with institutions and families.

In fact, starting from the 2022/23 school year, the launch of the project dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Alda Costa School has allowed the possibility of intervening for the redevelopment of the external doors and atrium of the school; this, with a shared and participatory dialogue and discussion to enhance the original elements of the school, located in Via Previati, in the twentieth-century crossroads of Ferrara, which includes the Alda Costa School, the Natural History Museum, the Conservatory, the Boldini Cinema complex .

The working group is made up of the ICS Alda Costa Ferrara, with the Headmaster Antonietta Allegretta and the teacher Paola Chiorboli, coordinator of the project, the President of the Council of the ICS Alda Costa Ferrara Institute and the President of the Parents’ Committee of the Alda Costa Ferrara School Stefania Caught, by the Rotary Club Ferrara, with the Past President Antonio Frigatti and the current President Adele Del Bello, for the coordination of the councilor for public education Dorota Kusiak Municipality of Ferrara.

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The redevelopment of the five external doors of the Alda Costa primary school and the school atrium, completed in November 2023, is part of the actions of the 90th Alda Costa Ferrara School Project – 1933 2023, promoted by the ICS Alda Costa Ferrara for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 school years, with the patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara and as part of the “conCittadini – Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region” path, in which it participates for the school year. 2023/24 the project “Let’s fill it with meaning, memory, legality and rights so that they don’t remain just words”.

Alda Costa School architectural style
Eng. Carlo Savonuzzi he also designed it from 1932 to 1933 “Alda Costa” Elementary School. Through the conception of this as well as other architectural complexes was able to demonstrate his adhesion to the rationalism, appropriately adapted to the urban context in which it was operating, thanks to skilful combinations of lines, volumes and colours; with this conceptual approach he managed to create in his architecture a sort of osmosis between the Ferrara tradition and the best European modernism.
With regard to the elementary school Savonuzzi he was also inspired by the architecture of the past and the volumes of some religious complexes, such as the nearby church of Gesù, so much so that the designer himself compared it to a modern construction, whose “plans” appeared “desired by a twentieth-century architect”. The school is enriched chromatically, especially in the main façades, all of which denotes great attention to detail, which contributes to raising the aesthetic quality of the building.

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