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The road in Gaitán remains to be seen.

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The road in Gaitán remains to be seen.

In the middle of a landscape that any foreigner would envy, are the paths of the La Marcada district, in Dosquebradas, and despite being a treasure, they suffer from state neglect.

Precisely, between the Gaitán La Playa and Gaitán Alto paths, there should be a very good road of 2,400 meters, with drains and bridges in good condition, but traveling through the barely 600 meters that the company that won the tender delivered, apart from being annoying, it is life-threatening, especially late at night.

Explanation in detail

This road connects Pereira (through Florida) with Frailes and Japan. It is used when the Viaduct is closed, given its importance, the Mayor’s Office of the Industrial City generated a project on this need that was sent to Bogotá.

Social Prosperity entered into a contract with the company Proyectar, for the construction of the footprint plate with a length of 2,400 meters (2.4 kilometers), of which only 692 meters were built. Said contract had a budget of $3.7 billion, the work was suspended on October 1, 2022, leaving the task unfinished, parts without drainage channels and with sections more damaged than they already were.

The community that lives in the Gaitán village (especially) is already tired of sending petition rights and popular actions asking the local Administration to respond for the resources and complete the road. Currently there is no response from any control entity or secretariat, because according to the complainants they all ignore the requests, “those folders that we have there don’t even move.”

This medium visited the paths to take a tour and verify the situation that turned out to be worse than what the inhabitants commented, under the slogan: “We demand that the Government and the Mayor’s Office of Dosquebradas respect our right to have a road in optimal conditions. conditions!”.

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Here it is evident that the thickness of the plate was very poor for the constant traffic on the road.

Community Voices

Luis Eduardo López, leader of the Gaitán Alto village, was one of the guides who attended the newspaper’s visit: “For three years the municipality had been talking about a paving project for the Gaitán Playa village, all the way to Frailes. Two years passed, and after so much coming and going, one day the contractor arrived here to talk to the community. But that contract started badly since the socialization, because they arrived, introduced us to the directors of Proyectar and began to say that they were losing money, because the contract had been made with values ​​from two years before and the price of the materials had already changed. A controversy arose and even the most ignorant said “How am I going to make a contract in which I lose?”

The leaders knew that this contract was going to have problems over time and so it happened, as Don Luis relates: “A month after starting the work, they put the manager of Proyectar in prison. So in my conversations with the resident engineer I told him how they were going to deal with the boss in that situation and he told me that this work was separate, that they would finish without a problem, but the doubt remained, because the manager was imprisoned for ties with Mario Chestnut”.

The community says that everything was so poorly done that there were no interveners at any time, from anyone outside the company. The little they did, according to those affected, took six months of 2022. Judith Mayerli León, mayor of the township, complements: “The most important thing is that the number of people affected may be around 500 in Gaitán alone. There is no public transportation, to Gaitán Alto there is only one jeep route on Wednesdays and Saturdays for $5,000, but it only picks up once in the morning and returns in the afternoon.”

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What happened to the resources?

It is known to the plaintiffs that the money that was not invested was returned to Social Prosperity, the run run indicates that there were around $1.8 billion that were not used. “What is most outrageous is that the Dosquebradas Mayor’s Office was nowhere to be seen, they hid behind the fact that their part was to present the project,” says Mr. López.

“The parameters that were adopted with the contract were not even met, since the road would be four meters wide and there are sections in which it is not. What happened?” Luis Eduardo López.

Communities that can benefit

La Marcada has approximately 1,800 hectares, it is declared as La Marcada National Park, which is made up of the trails: Gaitán Playa y Alto, Alto del Toro, Alto del Oso, Comuneros, La Playita, La Divisa, Molinos, Primavera, Naranjales, Sabanitas , El Rodeo that can connect through this route.

Do you have a complaint about the road?

María Consuelo Díaz – gerontologist

“They went to waste, they lifted everything overnight and they left us. A pavement that has been there for a year and is already damaged. In this country everything stays like this.”

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