Home News The roads destroyed by the storm Alex in Val Gesso arranged with debris from the dam

The roads destroyed by the storm Alex in Val Gesso arranged with debris from the dam

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Two roads destroyed by storm Alex in autumn 2020, partially restored by reusing the debris deposited at the Piastra dam, above Entracque in the Gesso valley. Example of a «circular economy» within the Alcotra 14-20 Innov project of the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of bringing the world of research closer to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine valleys. Accompanying actions, meetings and workshops, but also new strategies to adapt construction site activities to the new needs of a “modified” territory after the flood.

Hence the recovery of the material carried by the storm near the Piastra dam. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of stones and sand, used to fill the chasms and fix the paths that lead to the Dado Soria refuge and to Prà del Rasur. The project involved a collaboration between the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce, Enel Green Power which manages the hydroelectric plant, the Municipality of Entracque and the Alpi Marittime Park. “We have contributed to the recovery of the territories with a strong signal towards environmental issues – says the president of the chamber body, Mauro Gola -, at a time when the principles of the traditional linear economic model based on the production, use and throwing scheme are becoming less and less sustainable ».

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