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The Second Global Digital Trade Expo to be Held in Hangzhou, China: A Platform for Promoting Digital Trade Development

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Second Global Digital Trade Expo to be held in Hangzhou, China

On October 24, the State Council Information Office announced that the second Global Digital Trade Expo will be held in Hangzhou, China from November 23 to 27. Wang Shouwen, international trade negotiator and vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce, emphasized the importance of digital trade in building a strong trading nation.

The Digital Trade Fair serves as a crucial platform to promote the development of digital trade, as well as fostering global digital economic cooperation. It is considered an international public product that supports the construction of an open world economy.

This event is the only national, international, and professional exhibition in China that focuses on the theme of digital trade. In preparation for the expo, the Ministry of Commerce and Zhejiang Province have organized innovative development in three main aspects.

Firstly, the specialization aspect ensures that the exhibition reflects professionalism. The pavilion is structured to include a comprehensive pavilion, two special pavilions (the Frontier Trends Pavilion and the Silk Road E-commerce Pavilion), as well as four professional pavilions covering digital technology, digital services, digital content, and digital smart travel. The display content will highlight the entire digital trade industry chain, with the cutting-edge trend pavilion showcasing exploration and innovation results such as large models, WEB3.0, and intelligent manufacturing. The professional pavilion will exhibit new digital products in fields such as information communications, digital security, intelligent Internet of Things, digital finance, and digital health.

Moreover, the internationalization aspect of the Digital Trade Fair aims to strengthen its international features. More than 30 international organizations, including the WTO and UNCITRAL, have confirmed their participation, along with ambassadors and representatives from Silk Road e-commerce partner countries. The involvement of these international organizations contributes to the expo’s global significance. Additionally, the participation of overseas companies, including Fortune 500 companies, demonstrates the international reach of the event.

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Lastly, the marketization aspect of the Digital Trade Fair focuses on enhancing its brand and sustainability. Through cooperation with domestic and foreign exhibition organizations, targeted invitations are sent out and more than 800 international buyers are invited to help exhibitors expand their markets. Strategic partners, such as financial institutions, are also introduced to facilitate business relationships. The fair aims to create a fully functional online digital trade experience, allowing companies to participate in online exhibitions. Exclusive digital identities and permanent numbers are assigned to exhibitors and buyers, enabling accurate portraits and intelligent searches for demand matching, ultimately enhancing exhibitor and purchaser satisfaction.

The second Global Digital Trade Expo is expected to be a significant gathering for industry leaders and professionals to explore and promote digital trade on a global scale.

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