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The second instance of the Beijing Municipal Housing Leasing Regulations: The rental housing is included in the planning to strengthen the rent monitoring and early warning_Rent_Security_Leasing

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Original title: The second instance of the Beijing Municipal Housing Leasing Regulations: Rental housing is included in the plan to strengthen rent monitoring and early warning

This newspaper, Beijing, March 30 (China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Yi) Today, the “Beijing Housing Rental Regulations (Draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Draft”) was submitted to the third party of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress. Eighteen meetings for the second review. The second review draft of the draft makes it clear that Beijing will incorporate rental housing into its housing development plan, increase housing supply through multiple channels, refine and improve the risk management and control of the rental market, and establish a price warning mechanism.

The draft incorporates the positioning of “housing, not speculating,” and improving the development and regulation of the real estate market, such as “rent and purchase”, into local regulations, and supports residents to solve housing problems and improve living conditions through leasing.

The first review draft of the November 2021 draft responded to prominent issues in housing rental management such as “black intermediaries” and “rental loans”. In the following four months, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Urban Construction and Environmental Protection Committee listened to the opinions and suggestions of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress representatives, lessors, lessees, market operators, relevant departments of the municipal government and experts from relevant parties, and further revised and improved the draft. .

In Article 4 of the second review draft of the draft, “optimize space layout, promote job-housing balance, include rental housing in the housing development plan, and arrange it in the annual housing land supply plan”, “encourage the construction of affordable rental housing, expand security Sexual Rental Housing Supply”.

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Regarding the rental of affordable rental housing, Zhang Libing, chairman of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Urban Construction and Environmental Protection Committee, specifically stated that according to the existing policies, affordable rental housing and shared property housing can be operated in a market-oriented manner, but they are not eligible for renting. There are also special restrictive requirements in terms of entry and exit conditions, rental standards and annual growth rate, which cannot fully apply market-oriented rules. Accordingly, it is suggested to clarify the applicable rules of affordable housing rental in accordance with the idea of ​​”special provisions shall be applied first”.

Article 5 of the draft clarifies that Beijing encourages the construction of rental housing by adding new or using existing land, building rental housing in new commercial housing projects, converting non-residential housing stock into rental housing as required, and converting eligible idle housing. The supply of rental housing has been increased through multiple channels through rental and other methods.

The first review draft proposed that Beijing will establish a unified housing rental management service platform to link contract filing and rental registration. Lessors and lessees are encouraged to sign contracts online through the platform and register for the record. Housing leasing companies should sign and record through the platform online. The platform will synchronize the signing information and share it with the public security organs. The second review draft emphasizes that information sharing between departments will provide convenience for people to apply for residence permits, settle points, and withdraw provident funds.

For short-term rental apartments or homestays in the community, the second review draft of the draft makes clear provisions. Zhang Libing introduced that in order to maintain social stability and harmony in the capital and protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners of residential quarters, it is stipulated that Beijing will implement regional differentiated management of short-term rental housing charged by the day or by the hour, and the operation of short-term rental housing in the functional core areas of the capital is prohibited. The operation of short-term rental housing in other areas shall comply with the management regulations of Beijing and the management regulations of the community. If there are no management regulations or no relevant provisions in the management regulations, the unanimous consent of other owners in the building or in the same bungalow courtyard shall be obtained, and the Sign a public security responsibility guarantee with the police station where the house is located.

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In order to enhance the operability of price intervention measures, the second review draft of the draft added the content of establishing a relevant early warning mechanism, proposing that “the municipal housing and urban-rural development department should strengthen the monitoring of housing rental prices, and establish and improve relevant early warning mechanisms. Housing rents have risen significantly or have When there may be a significant increase, the Municipal People’s Government may take price intervention measures such as price increase declaration, limit rent or rent increase, etc., to stabilize the rent level, and report to the State Council for record in accordance with the law.”

The second draft of the draft also further improved the diversified dispute resolution mechanism, adding provisions that “relevant government departments shall strengthen guidance and support for the mediation of housing rental disputes such as grassroots people’s mediation and industry mediation”, “enterprises engaged in housing rental business, real estate brokerage agencies, Internet information platforms shall establish a complaint handling mechanism to properly resolve lease conflicts and disputes in a timely manner.”Return to Sohu, see more


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