Home News The sixth meeting of the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters was held

The sixth meeting of the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters was held

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On the afternoon of January 16, the sixth meeting of the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters was held to analyze and judge the current situation and arrange the next steps. Municipal Party Secretary Ma Fuguo presided over and delivered a speech. Mayor Guo Hao arranged specific work. City leaders Lu Peiguo, Hong Limin, Tian Kaisheng, Wang Zehua, Wang Yongqing, Liu Wenbiao, Li Xiaoli, Hao Zhijun, Luo Kai, Shao Qiyi and Lin Hongjia participated.

Ma Fuguo pointed out that since the second round of nucleic acid testing for all employees and the “Knock on the Door” operation was deployed in the city, the whole city has been well organized, scientifically set up, commanded smoothly, acted quickly, implemented strict measures, and put in place publicity. The achievements are worthy of full recognition. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the tenth special meeting of the provincial party committee’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, further focus on task decomposition, draw up a list of responsibilities, and refine work measures to ensure that they are implemented. It is necessary to adhere to the combination of online big data analysis and offline “knock-on-the-door action”, re-contrast and re-analyze the returnees in medium and high-risk areas, and comprehensively clarify the bottom line, so that the number of people, heads of people, status, and management and control are clear. Stand ready, guard against the dead, and resolutely hold the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to attach great importance to the problems exposed in the process of epidemic prevention and control, start from the details, start from the details, quickly make up for shortcomings, and make rectifications in place. Intensive supervision, adhere to weekly notification, weekly ranking, to ensure the implementation of various prevention and control measures in place.

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Guo Hao emphasized that we must always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, and be fully prepared to deal with severe and complex situations in terms of thinking, mechanism, work, and team. Foolproof. It is necessary to strictly implement various measures to prevent importation from outside and prevent gatherings from within, keep an eye on people, manage things well, use good skills, and fasten the “four pockets” to effectively block the risk of imported epidemics in the surrounding areas. It is necessary to improve various capabilities such as command and dispatch, nucleic acid detection, flow control traceability, and emergency material reserves, so as to provide strong support for Hebi City to do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control. Based on the unabated pressure of epidemic prevention and control, we must make every effort to ensure the livelihood of the people, the operation of enterprises, and the reception of quarantined personnel, so as to ensure the overall stability of production and life in the city.

The meeting was held in the form of video. The responsible comrades of each special class of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters participated in the main venue, and each county (functional area) set up a branch venue.


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