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The Soacha that Juan Carlos Saldarriaga leaves at the end of his administration

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The Soacha that Juan Carlos Saldarriaga leaves at the end of his administration

“There are actually many achievements: computers, bilingualism, erasing the trace of mud in Cazucá, more than 50 km of sewers buried with the help of the community, more than 150 blocks made with the community in cobblestone. The achievements are many, also the creation of Epuxua, a company that is leading and will manage public lighting in our city, the creation of the green city shopping gallery, more than 7 km of cycle path that connects Soacha with Bogotá and that today is used by more than 30 thousand bicycle users (…) “Challenges and achievements for which I am proud are many,” Saldarriaga noted in this regard.

In a reflective exercise, Mayor Juan Carlos Saldarriaga also referred to the indices that could have been better at the end of his administration. Issues regarding which the state’s neglect and the delay of years, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, had a significant impact and that despite the advances led by Saldarriaga will also need the attention of the next mayor.

“In everything we lacked a little, Soacha came from being a city abandoned by the national government and the departmental government. We made a lot of progress but we all lacked it. We delivered many computers but we lacked computers, we received one computer for every 30 students today we left more or less one computer for every 13 or 13 boys (…) We lacked everything but we made progress in everything,” he said.

However, in the midst of the progress that Soacha made from various fronts in these four years of government, for Juan Carlos Saldarriaga one of the most important points is the impact that his administration had on the appropriation and sense of belonging of citizens with their territory.

“Something that fills me most with pride is that people today, me and all the Soachunos, feel great pride in our territory and say that we are Soachunos. We are already proud to put on our resume that we live in Soacha,” concluded the president.

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