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The Sons of the Shoah Association: “Too many politicians ignore our history, I expect a clear signal from Salvini”

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MILAN. “Externations of this type arise from ignorance, ignorance and non-understanding of the history of our country”. Daniela Dana Tedeschi, 56, president of the Sons of the Shoah Association since 2019 – she succeeded Liliana Segre, who is now its honorary president – has no doubts about the reasons behind the insults that the senator for life receives periodically. In these hours, however, the author has been a long-time politician, who plays a role in the institutions.

Is it a more serious attack if it comes from politics?
“It’s equally serious. But I don’t think it is an anti-Semitic attack: I believe, rather, that there is a serious problem of lack of knowledge of history that also affects our politicians. And this is what we must ask ourselves about ».

How is it possible?
«The teaching of the Shoah only began in the nineties, before we did not study with the tools we have today. In fact, both in the case of Meroni and in that of the No Green Pass who in Novara went to the streets with the star of David on their chest, they are adults. The high school kids probably wouldn’t do such a thing because they know very well what the Shoah and the racial laws were. ”

The Northern League No Vax against Liliana Segre on Facebook: “She was missing … 75190”. Then an apology


Salvini, and the parties in general, must take a tougher line with those who make these utterances?
«I hope that there will be reactions within the League, it is important that a clear, vigilant and continuous signal is given. Also because I am convinced that this trivialization of the Shoah and the unacceptable parallels will continue for a long time. I think that NoVax are transversal, I don’t think they are only on the right or only on the left ».

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The No Green Passes compare the obligation of the green certificate to the Shoah. Why do they do it?
“Anyone who knows the racist anti-Semitic laws of 1938 knows that those affected lost their jobs, friends, school, were marginalized from social life. Certainly today the No Vax are not marginalized by anything, so much so that they demonstrate in the streets, nor do they have their fundamental rights violated. So, they make this comparison because they don’t know the story. However, I believe that the institutions must respond firmly and block the trivialization between the Green Pass and the Shoah, which is unacceptable ”.

How can this be avoided?
«Simply by teaching history in schools and with correct information in the media. For years our association has been organizing training courses for teachers and holding meetings with students. We must continue to teach what the Shoah really was ».

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