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The source of the epidemic in Yuzhou, Henan is a mystery, Xuchang announces “containment and blockade” | CCP virus | Xuchang Yuzhou

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[Epoch Times January 07, 2022]The Henan CCP virus (new crown pneumonia) epidemic continues to heat up. Xuchang City requires all personnel not to leave the city and all foreigners are not allowed to enter. Officials claimed to have “contained and sealed” the epidemic. Yuzhou City under Xuchang has been closed for several days, but the source of the epidemic is still unknown.

The Paper reported that at 17:00 on January 7, it was learned from Xuchang City, Henan Province that as of 12:00 on January 7, a total of 82 confirmed cases were reported in this round of the epidemic in Yuzhou City, Xuchang City. The Xuchang City cases are all concentrated in Yuzhou City.

Xuchang City has implemented strict global control and issued notices to strengthen prevention and control. During the nucleic acid test period, the operation of buses, taxis, online car-hailing, and passenger lines will be suspended; shopping malls, supermarkets, and stores along the street will be temporarily suspended. All business activities outside”; high-level control measures are implemented in residential communities; all personnel in Xuchang City shall not leave the city unless necessary, and outsiders shall be persuaded to return to ensure that the epidemic is “contained and sealed”.

The above announcement is tantamount to announcing the closure of the city. The news has caused netizens to question: Who are the necessary personnel other than “non-essential”? “Is it trapping people to death by enclosing and sealing them?”

Xuchang officials also stated that the city has comprehensively carried out nucleic acid testing and required that “no household or individual is missed.” At present, Yuzhou City has completed three rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees, with a total of 2.895 million screenings; on the morning of January 7, the fourth round of nucleic acid tests for all employees was launched. As of 12:00, 618,200 nucleic acid tests have been completed. Xuchang City also carried out nucleic acid tests for all employees in batches on the morning of January 6. As of 12:00 on January 7, Xuchang City had completed nucleic acid tests for all employees of 2.42 million, which will be completed on January 7.

According to official reports, on January 6, 56 newly diagnosed cases were confirmed locally in Henan Province (26 cases in Zhengzhou City, 1 case in Luoyang City, 28 cases in Xuchang City, 1 case in Gushi County; including 20 cases of asymptomatic infections transferred to confirmed cases) .

Up to now, the current round of the epidemic in Henan Province has involved 6 cities in Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Luoyang, Zhoukou, Shangqiu, and Gushi County. Yuzhou City, under the jurisdiction of Xuchang, Henan, had a total of 55 local confirmed cases as of 12 noon on the 6th. (Note: Since the CCP is always concealing the truth about the epidemic, official figures are generally considered to be fake.)

“Beijing Evening News” reported on the 7th that Chen Tao, the mayor of Yuzhou City, Xuchang, Henan Province, stated that the source of the current round of the epidemic in Yuzhou has not been found.

Chen Tao said that the first case was discovered on the morning of January 2, and it was found that the work place of this case was a small ceramic company. He was mainly engaged in guarding, cleaning and other tasks. Later, through nucleic acid testing, there were subsequent cases, many of which were related to this ceramic company.

Starting on the 6th, the risk level of the epidemic situation in some areas of Yuzhou City has been adjusted. The family courtyard of Antai Coal Company of Tawan Village, Yingchuan Street, Yuzhou City, North 5th Street of Hui Primary School, Kaiyuan Community, Yinzhuang, Yuwang Avenue 113, Four Seasons Flower City (West Yard) in Juntai Street, Jiao City of Hancheng Street Zhai communities, Liugou Village and Guolou Village in Huolong Town, and Zhaiwai Village in Zhangde Town were adjusted to high-risk areas. Yingchuan Street, Juntai Street, Hancheng Street, Huolong Town, and Zhangde Town, except for the above-mentioned areas, are considered as medium-risk areas.

Xuchang City has launched a large-scale nucleic acid test on the 6th, and the government requires residents not to leave the community during the test.

The teacher qualification examination interview that was originally scheduled to be held in Xuchang from Saturday to Sunday (8th to 9th) has also been postponed.

Yuzhou City has been adjusted to high-risk areas of the epidemic since January 4.

From January 6th, five more areas in Yuzhou have been adjusted to high-risk areas. Closed management is implemented in high-risk areas to restrict the movement of people. There are also a number of areas adjusted to medium-risk areas.

On January 2, Yuzhou City found that two local asymptomatic infections had no history of traveling and living within 14 days, and community transmission was suspected. Yuzhou City immediately announced the closure of the city, and the three areas of Yuzhou City were adjusted to medium-risk areas. According to local official reports, all residents in the city must be isolated at home, and nearly 1.2 million people in the city “do not leave their homes.”

The entire city of Yuzhou has strengthened censorship, and all personnel in the entire territory can only enter and exit. Overnight, the transportation system in Yuzhou City was completely shut down, and all business activities of all shopping malls and supermarkets except the so-called “guarantee supply of daily life materials” were suspended.

The video posted by local netizens showed that on the streets of Yuzhou, police cars of the Yuzhou Public Security Bureau used high-pitched loudspeakers to shout: Residents should go home quickly and be isolated as soon as possible. Once a vehicle on the road is found, the vehicle will be immediately detained and detained. . #

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