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The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting – Fuzhou – Southeast Net

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Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting

Convey the spirit of studying the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping

Carry out intensive study and discussion to review relevant documents

Fuzhou News Network, June 21 (Fuzhou Daily reporter Zhao Xinyue Huang Fangbin) On the 21st, Lin Baojin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, conveying the learning of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Politburo meeting and the 40th meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee. The spirit of the important speech during collective study, study the city’s preliminary implementation opinions; focus on studying and discussing the “Outline of Studying the Overall National Security Concept”; reviewing the “Implementation Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Collective Forest Tenure System and Promoting the High-quality Development of Forestry in Fuzhou City”, “Fuzhou People’s Government” Decision of the Standing Committee of the Congress on Strengthening the Collaborative Protection of the Water Ecological Environment in the Minjiang River Basin (Draft).

The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech further clarified the great significance and profound connotation of the great self-revolution and the anti-corruption struggle, summed up the remarkable achievements and important experiences of the anti-corruption struggle since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China The comprehensive and strict governance of the party has pointed out the direction for further advancement. Party organizations at all levels in the city must study and understand in depth, accurately grasp the major requirements, deepen their understanding of the regularity of the fight against corruption under the new situation, and effectively enhance the political awareness that comprehensive and strict governance of the party will always be on the road. It is necessary to carry out the anti-corruption struggle to the end, conscientiously perform the main responsibilities of the party committee and the responsibilities of the “top leader” and the first responsible person, adhere to the policy of promoting the “three non-corruption” in one body, maintain the vigilance and strength of zero tolerance, and normalize and long-term prevention and control. Governing corruption. It is necessary to solidly promote the inspection and rectification work, press down and consolidate the main responsibility of the party committee (party group) for rectification, and promote the inspected party organization to integrate rectification into daily life, deepen reform, comprehensively and strictly manage the party and team building, and realize inspection and supervision, rectification, and improvement. Governance is organically connected.

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The meeting emphasized that this year is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is a great responsibility to do a good job in national security work. All levels and departments in the city must improve their political positions, deeply understand the ideological connotation, core essence and fundamental requirements of the overall national security concept, and effectively unify their thoughts and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the Party Central Committee’s decision-making and deployment, and take practical actions. Strengthen the “four awareness”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and achieve “two maintenance”. It is necessary to base itself on the actual situation of Fuzhou, adhere to political security as the guide, and take people’s security as the purpose, and make overall plans to do a good job in food security, energy and resource supply security, food and drug security, technology and network security, ecological and biological security, as well as epidemic prevention and control, and safe production. , disaster prevention and mitigation, etc., effectively prevent and resolve risks in the fields of finance, real estate, ideology, etc., increase the resolution of backlogs of letters and visits, and ensure the harmony and stability of the provincial capital. It is necessary to adhere to the leadership of the party, adhere to “the party and the government have the same responsibility, and one post has two responsibilities”, strictly implement the national security responsibility system, and strive to build a large security work pattern in which the city’s top and bottom are jointly managed.

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The meeting requested that all relevant departments at all levels in the city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important instructions and instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the reform of the forest tenure system in our province, further improve their positions, build consensus, continue to deepen the work of forest reform, and comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization and Rural revitalization in forest areas. It is necessary to improve the mechanism and stimulate vitality, and continue to innovate the system and mechanism in the aspects of modern forestry property rights, ecological compensation, and forestry carbon sink development, and promote the high-quality development of forestry. It is necessary to highlight the characteristics, enhance the brand, accelerate the protection of the wetlands in the estuary of the Minjiang River, and continuously create an ecological brand with Fuzhou characteristics.

The meeting requested that the implementation of coordinated legislation on water ecological environment protection in the Minjiang River Basin is an important measure to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization. It is necessary to improve ideological awareness, effectively enhance protection awareness and responsibility, and jointly promote the implementation of the “Decision”. It is necessary to implement it conscientiously, promptly formulate corresponding supporting systems, policies and measures, deepen source governance, strengthen law enforcement supervision, and promote the water ecological environment protection of the Minjiang River Basin to achieve greater results.

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