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The state of exception reduced daily homicides in Ecuador

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The Armed Forces and the National Police gave an assessment one month after the declaration of a state of emergency in Ecuador. Homicides went from 27.8 to 10.7.

This February 8, 2024, the Armed Forces and the National Police They took stock of the Phoenix Plan of the country’s security bloc, within the framework of the state of emergency decreed on January 8, 2024.

Jaime Vela, head of the joint command of the Armed Forces, He pointed out that since January 8, they have carried out 80,701 operations, which have left a total of 7,726 detainees, of which: 241 were for terrorism and seven terrorists killed in “strict use of force”, Vela emphasized.

One month after the decree, Vela pointed out that one of the main actions is to find weapons stored in prisons: “If we continue to find weapons in prisons, It’s not because they keep coming in, but because we don’t know how long they would be whitewashed,” said Vela and pointed out that the Armed Forces have regained control of 10 penitentiary centers and are already in eight more.

César Zapata, general commander of the National Police, He highlighted that the actions have made it possible to reduce the daily average of violent deaths. In the month of state of emergency, the number of homicides went from 27.8 to 10.7.

Although the authorities described the results as positive, Curfew times will not be modified in the cantons that maintain red and yellow alert.

Get to know the provinces and cantons without curfew prior to the carnival holiday

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