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The strong sanction against Millonarios if he does not lend Óscar Cortés to the U-20 team

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The strong sanction against Millonarios if he does not lend Óscar Cortés to the U-20 team

Óscar Cortés’s novel with Millionaires and the Colombian under-20 team has a new chapter on May 2, when the list of pre-summoned for the youth world cup in Argentina came out and the name of the blue attacker appeared there despite the fact that the team reported that I wouldn’t lend it.

The Ambassadors announced on May 1 that they were not going to release the 19-year-old player for the orbital contest due to obligations in the Betplay League and Conmebol Sudamericana, the tournaments that the Bogota team plays and has a good campaign.

The attacker scored the team’s second goal against Peñarol on matchday two in Montevideo. Courtesy ESPN

However, another fact appeared that opens the controversy regarding the position that Millonarios and all the Colombian soccer teams would have with respect to the calls for the national team, which could force the clubs to lend players or they would be penalized by deducting points from them. the championship.

The Player’s Statute refers to the calls of soccer players to the Colombian national team, in any of its categories, and that according to its article 52 “every soccer player affiliated with a club, must respond affirmatively to the call of COLFUTBOL in order to form part of a national team.

Óscar Córtes finishes off with a header and gives victory to Colombia in the South American sub 20

Article 54 highlights that the player will not be able to be with his respective club for as long as the national team needs him: “This prohibition to play will be extended for five days in the event that, for whatever reason, the player has not wanted or been able to attend to the summons”.

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Millionaires would lose points

Another point in article 54 of the Player’s Statute refers to the sanction that any club that does not lend players to the Colombian team would have, in this case Millionaires with Óscar Cortés, and the punishment would be very severe because it would mean losing points in the Betplay League .

“Violation of this rule entails for the offending club the loss of the match or matches in which the player played and the annulment of all the points that have been obtained,” says the regulation and which sets off the alarms in the Ambassadors.

Article 55 adds that “if a club declines to release the player or does not release him to attend the call for a national team under the terms of the preceding articles of this chapter, it will be subject to the sanctions established by the Commission for that purpose. Disciplinary Action of the Colombian Football Federation”.

What would save Millonarios and Cortés

Although the regulation of the Player’s Statute is clear regarding the obligation of Colombian teams to lend players to the national teams, article 47 would be the salvation so that Millonarios does not lose points for using Óscar Cortés in their games.

According to this point, all the established regulations would only apply to events that are part of FIFA’s international calendar, which does not have the U-20 World Cup in Argentina on that schedule and therefore no professional team in the world is obliged to provide their footballers.

“Clubs affiliated with DIMAYOR or DIFUTBOL must make their players available to the national team to which they belong, whatever the age of the player. This provision is mandatory for the matches listed in the FIFA international calendar and for any other match for which the FIFA Executive Committee has taken a special decision.

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Added to that, the list sent by the Colombian Football Federation is preliminary and is evidenced by the fact that two other players appear who will not be loaned by their clubs, such as Jhon Jáder Durán, from Aston Villa, and Daniel Luna, from Mallorca, so everything will remain in hands of coach Héctor Cárdenas if he forces the teams and players to play the World Cup. with Infobae

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