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The summer feeling is coming!The national short-sleeved appearance map is here. Short-sleeved clothes are popular in many places in the north – Information

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The summer feeling is coming! A national short-sleeved appearance map has been released by the China Weather Network, showing that short-sleeved clothes are becoming popular in many places in the north.

In the next three days (April 25 to 27), most areas of China will start to warm up, with clear skies prevailing in the north. North China, Huanghuai, and other areas will experience temperatures of “30°C+”, almost like a sudden jump to summer. As the temperature rises, it’s time to get your summer clothes ready.

The national short-sleeved appearance map shows that most of the central and eastern parts of the country will continue to heat up in the coming days. Many parts of North China will see temperatures exceeding 30°C, signaling the arrival of summer. As the rain weakens in many southern regions, summer clothes will start to make an appearance.

On April 25, clear skies are expected in most of the northern regions, with temperatures soaring in parts of Northwest China and North China. Cities like Shijiazhuang will hit 30 degrees Celsius, while some southern regions will see temperatures exceeding 30°C as well. However, the temperature difference between day and night in the north means it’s still necessary to layer up with a jacket in the morning and evening.

On April 26, the warming trend will continue in the central and eastern parts of the country, with temperatures rising further. Areas like Tianjin and Hebei will see temperatures above 30°C, perfect for wearing short-sleeved clothing. As the rain subsides in Jiangnan, temperatures will rise above 25°C, allowing for a combination of short sleeves and a light jacket.

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By April 27, the cloud cover will increase in North China and the Huanghuai area, reducing the areas where short-sleeved clothing will dominate the streets. Despite this, temperatures will still be above 25°C in many regions, requiring a light jacket for those sensitive to the cold. However, some northeastern and western regions will still be in a spring-like state, needing more time for summer clothes to come out.

The China Weather Network advises people in the northern areas to prepare for fluctuating temperatures as cold air is expected to affect the region at the end of April. While it’s time to bring out your summer clothes, it’s also essential to keep your spring clothes handy for sudden changes in temperature. Stay updated on the weather by following the “China Weather Network” social media accounts.

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