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“The Supreme Court will decide on Monday whether Donald Trump can vote”

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Donald Trump — © AP

The US Supreme Court is expected to decide on Monday whether Donald Trump can be a presidential candidate. The New York Times reports this. The decision is expected to be announced on Monday at 4 p.m.

The Supreme Court announced on Sunday that it would publish “at least one judgment” on Monday, in a departure from normal procedures. According to the New York Times, this could almost only be a ruling in the appeal procedure that Trump initiated against the decision of the state of Colorado to ban him from the ballot papers. The local government had made that decision in response to Trump’s role in challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The fact that the decision comes so quickly seems to be a consequence of the calendar in the American presidential elections: Tuesday is ‘Super Tuesday’, the day on which the primaries take place in a large number of states – including Colorado.

The Supreme Court judges will probably also rule in the judgment on Trump’s eligibility in other states. Some other states also decided to ban the former president from the ballot. Based on the recent debates in the case, the decision is expected to go in Trump’s favor.

The Supreme Court must also rule on the immunity that Trump claims he enjoyed as president, but the decision in that case will probably take longer.

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