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The taking of a continent

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The taking of a continent

The communist takeover of Latin America, or the cleverly named 21st Century Socialism, is the result of a well-studied and effective strategy, patiently developed in the region over decades of shrewd, well-executed political maneuvering.

Since Fidel Castro’s armed occupation of power on December 31, 1959, which has caused more than 6 decades of subjugation of the Cuban people to the communist regime, all the consecutive attempts by communism to take over other countries, through weapons, were painful and bloody failures.

Che Guevara died in his attempt to implant communism in Bolivia, the Shining Path was shipwrecked in Peru, the narco-guerrilla groups in Colombia failed, only achieving power when President Juan Manuel Santos offered them all kinds of benefits, including senatorial positions, if they deposed the weapons, after more than 5 decades of conflict, more than 250,000 deaths, countless disappeared and millions of displaced persons. This is to mention some of the resounding failures of the armed revolutions that Latin America has survived in recent decades.

This led the think tanks of communism, such as the Sao Pablo Group and the Puebla Group, supported by the global communist countries and parties, to propose and finance new, more efficient strategies to take over the continent.

It was clear that the armed revolutions were a failure. The way to destroy democracies was from democracy itself, from within the system, taking over the institutions, in each country and creating support in the international ones. It was necessary to infiltrate the courts, judges and personnel at all levels; the courts, including the supreme ones, beginning with their magistrates; education, from elementary school to university, to be able to “catechize” the youth with his doctrine and, most importantly, the popular vote obtained at any cost should be used: promises, lies, cheats and money. Something to which, unfortunately, the Latin American people, especially the most destitute, were already used to.

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Such strategic plans worked excellently for the continent’s recalcitrant left. Today, in Latin America there are ten countries governed by leftists of all stripes, among them the largest in the region: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia as well as: Bolivia, Nicaragua and Honduras. Some are already screwed to power, in the Cuban style, as is Maduro in Venezuela and Ortega in Nicaragua.

Their promises have been to end poverty, corruption and inequality, but many of them have proven to be more corrupt than the traditional democratic governments they have replaced, such as Maduro in Venezuela, Cristina Kirshner in Argentina, Ortega in Nicaragua or Castillo in Peru. and Lula in Brazil.

Unfortunately, they have not made progress in eliminating poverty either. According to the figures, today in Mexico there are 10 million poor people more than when AMLO was elected. The per capita income of Chileans, who used to live in the most powerful country in Latin America, plummeted, as did that of Argentines, not to mention the misery that plagues Venezuela and Nicaragua today, after 20 years of totalitarian governments. From the government of the Colombian ex-guerrilla, the catastrophe can already be seen coming.

The communist takeover of Latin America is a disastrous reality that is just beginning, and the democracies seem anesthetized.

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