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The Tale of Peter: ‘Beautiful love story’

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The Tale of Peter: ‘Beautiful love story’

She was strong and fierce, daughter of a distinguished Spaniard, who arrived in the lands of Cacique Upar during the colonial era by order of King Ferdinand VII. In her adulthood she married a man of noble surnames and important ancestry who, like her father-in-law, came to the Upar Valley transferred from Santa Marta by orders of the Viceroyalty.

He, due to his rank, category, hierarchy, social position and investiture as governor, was the most desired bachelor in the place, in his promiscuity he enjoyed multiple affairs in the overflow of his liberated singleness and the enjoyment of the honeys of power. Despite everything, that gentleman was only dazzled by a young lady of great pedigree: she was intelligent, interesting and beautiful; She belonged to the provincial nobility and who, due to her young age, did not pay attention to her but; As time went by and given the many details of the inveterate beau who was courting her, she agreed to accept his first official visit to her residence with prior permission from her father.

With the consent of God and their parents, after months of dating, José Manuel and María Concepción got married. Blessing accepted and celebrated by the entire social class of the region. The couple maintained a sweet and cordial relationship, it was a marriage worthy of envy and imitation, happiness guided joy, over time procreation came with the birth of 7 heirs: José Manuel, Jose María, Jose Antonio, Pedro N , Pedro José, Rosalía and María Concepción; children born in a cradle of gold, raised with fine and healthy customs, obeying the rules of their deep-rooted ancestry.

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José María, the closest to his father, marries a distinguished lady of Creole society, Josefa Araújo. Pedro, the youngest of his children, was restless, disobedient, mischievous and was celebrated by his children’s pilatunas; He was the most easygoing with the servants, he cared little about rubbing shoulders with one or the other, in the main square he enjoyed children’s games with all the locals.

As he grew up, he enjoyed the same popular charisma that identified him from the moment of his birth. He was in love, his eyes shone when he saw a pretty woman. Cleopatra was no exception, the daughter of slaves in the service of the house, with dark skin, a radiant body and curly hair, she was the person closest to her mother in the privacy of the bedroom to help her adjust her clothing and carry out her orders. domestic services taught by their employer.

Pedro, astute and well-bred, used to sit at the head of the bed in the main room to watch Cleopatra when she bent over and adjusted her mistress’s slippers, only with the intention of mischievously observing the pretty brunette’s nipples. On her part, she did nothing to hide the meeting of her gaze, a situation that did not bother her.

They were teenagers and the hormones were boiling, there was chemistry between the two, they liked each other so much that in an oversight the relationship between them was launched, ending with a fierce encounter of pleasure and love where she, in the arms of Morpheus, gave up her purity and virginity. The noble young man attracted by love and faced with the undeniable reality faced the situation and with an iron character stated that he wanted to father his offspring with the woman he loved.

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His father, the most important nobleman in the region, reprimanded him harshly and tenaciously, reproaching him for his amorous whims, a situation that made the young nobleman uncomfortable, who, hurt, decided to leave the house, leaving a farewell note to his father: “Yes. With my love I have hurt his ancestry and trampled on our last name, for the love and respect I have for him, so as not to continue sullying his nobility and offending the family with my actions, from today I will simplify my last name, I will leave aside the Fernández De Castro and from this moment on I will call myself Pedro Norberto Castro Araújo.”

Pedro Norberto Castro Araújo

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