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The TAR rejects the appeal of the League list and two of Maresca

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Earthquake on the municipal elections of Naples. The Campania TAR rejects the appeals presented by the lists rejected by the electoral commission, mostly in the center-right coalition, and accepts the one presented by the candidate for mayor Alessandra Clemente. The decision of the administrative court effectively leaves the two civics of the candidate for mayor Catello Maresca out of the race: ‘Catello Maresca mayor’ and ‘Catello Maresca’. Also out of the League inspired list “Prima Napoli”. Fi’s appeal on two municipalities was also rejected: the seventh (Secondigliano) and the tenth (Fuorigrotta-Bagnoli). Rejected the appeal of Being Naples in the seventh Municipality and of Naples as the capital in the third Municipality.

The political case is obviously represented by the exclusion from the Carroccio list. “The problem of the late submission of the list and the lack of the declaration of connection – writes the TAR in the reasons -, the failure to present the electoral stamp in the form of the law is sufficient to justify the exclusion of the list, both as it is expressly provided for by art. 32 of the Tuel, and because the presentation of the identification model of the list must be considered essential ». Furious Maresca who thunders: «A scandalous political decision that sanctions the death of democracy: form cannot win over substance. A real expropriation of popular sovereignty is taking place. Thus the right and duty of thousands of citizens to cast their vote is seriously jeopardized – adds Maresca -. We will go to the Council of State to assert our legitimate aspirations to live in a democratic country, we do it for the Neapolitans and to protect our team of men and women of value ready to roll up their sleeves for the future of Naples. Let it be clear that we will not give up our symbols and campaigning. It is necessary to clarify this story of exclusion from our lists ”concludes the magistrate.

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The rejected lists will now be able to appeal to the Council of State, which will put an end to this legal tug-of-war. From the political point of view, if Maresca were to run ‘crippled’ by his two civics, in addition to having to do without the Lega list, Prima Napoli, and the civic Animalisti 4 legged, a highway would open for the former mayor. Antonio Bassolino, who could thus have an easy time in recovering the disadvantage points (according to the latest polls) compared to Maresca for access to the second round. “The parties now have to organize themselves well, make a square and let’s go forward united,” Giuliano Annigliato, president of Be Napoli, a civic list in coalition with the center-right candidate for mayor Catello Maresca, told LaPresse. “Sorry for the parties, for the League and for its Prima Napoli list, we will make a square with our strength and we will move forward – says Annigliato -. The list Being Naples will take charge of the candidate for mayor and we will be with him without stopping ».

Instead, the civic list ‘Alessandra Clemente mayor’ has been readmitted. «An enormous satisfaction – comments the candidate for mayor Clemente – the list had been suspended due to a formal error. There had never been any doubts about substantial vices. I know one by one the candidates and candidates who have come to the committee to sign the candidacy. I know their stories, their clean faces, our commitment together. They are my strength, our strength. And they will be – he concludes -, as soon as we settle in Palazzo San Giacomo, the strength of the city ».

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