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The “terror of the establishments” was released

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The “terror of the establishments” was released

The police detained a 31-year-old man accused of robbing different commercial establishments in Neiva with a firearm.

The SIJIN Criminal Investigation Section, presented the result of a rigorous investigative work carried out for a period of 4 months, where they collected interviews, inspection of processes, link analysis, photographic examinations, morphological comparisons, digitalization of images and the analysis of more than 300 recording hours; allowed us to determine the presumed responsibility of Armando Tique Quintero known as “Pinocchio”, 31 years old, resident of the Obrero neighborhood, requested by means of an arrest warrant for the crime of Qualified and Aggravated Theft.

“This criminal actor, known as the terror of commercial establishments in Neiva, being identified as the alleged perpetrator of several thefts from commercial establishments in the city, is a promoter of theft in all its forms in the downtown sector of the city. , especially the commercial sector,” police said.

This individual, who has a record of 4 records for the crime of Qualified Theft, 03 for Personal Injury and 01 for Domestic Violence, is able to determine his alleged participation in at least 08 acts of Theft from commercial establishments in Neiva and the metropolitan area. .

“The prisoner, who committed a crime with Jair Méndez known as “Méndez” already captured since April 25, 2022, was captured in different closed-circuit television recordings, as a modus operandi, he was looking for commercial premises managed especially by women, whom He threatened with a firearm, stealing the product, cell phones and other personal belongings,” added the Police.

Armando Tique Quintero, once presented before the guarantee control judge, decided to release him, with the link to this process.

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