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The third period of ordinary sessions of the District Council continues

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The third period of ordinary sessions of the District Council continues

Under the presidency of Councilor Efraín Lozano Dueñas, a series of key procedures were carried out that contributed to the development of the session.

One of the first steps taken It was the verification of the quorum, a necessary process to confirm the attendance of councilors at the venue. Once proper presence was confirmed, the general secretary of the Council, Darío Linerocontinued with the direction of the session.

During the course of the session, councilors proposed a measure that simplified the approval of documents. In the middle of the meeting, it was suggested that, with the reading of the title, the content of the Minutes 122 of October 19 and 20. This minute had previously been signed by the councilor Juan Carlos Palacio Salas, and this proposal expedited the approval of this important document.

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Subsequently, the president of the Council, Efraín Lozano Dueñas, announced the discussion of the proposition read and, after a constructive debate, announced that the plenary session was closed and approved. This final step marked the success of the session and He highlighted the importance of collaboration and commitment of councilors in their legislative work.

The third regular session of the District Council continues to move forward, and these sessions are essential for making decisions that affect the community and managing critical issues in the district. Transparency and efficiency in the management of these procedures are essential for the effective functioning of local government.

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