Home News The “Three Measures” of Jiashan County Judicial Bureau provide high-quality legal services for Jiashan striving to be the first model of common prosperity

The “Three Measures” of Jiashan County Judicial Bureau provide high-quality legal services for Jiashan striving to be the first model of common prosperity

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The “Three Measures” of Jiashan County Judicial Bureau provide high-quality legal services for Jiashan striving to be the first model of common prosperity

Release date: 2021-09-13 16:58
Source of information: Municipal Bureau of Justice

The Jiashan County Bureau of Justice has taken the “three measures” to enhance the effectiveness of public legal service guarantees, and polished the background of the rule of law for Jiashan to deepen the “dual demonstration” construction in the new development stage and strive to be the first model of common prosperity.

1. Taking the digital reform as a guide, empowering market entities to provide legal services for “one thing”

The first is to launch the “cloud clinic” of good enterprise law and settle in the “enterprise code”. Using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technical means, using questionnaires as the form of data collection, help corporate users detect potential legal risks in basic management, economic contracts, labor and personnel, intellectual property rights, etc., and automatically generate legal risk reports to prevent them Suggest. After risk detection, companies can contact lawyers in the corresponding grid for in-depth analysis and prevention and resolution. At present, more than 6,000 legal service manuals for market entities have been issued, and 620 legal medical examination reports have been generated.

The second is to innovate the “one thing” of legal services for market entities. Relying on the “enterprise code” platform, various law enforcement agencies provide market entities with a full range of legal services, realizing ex-post administrative penalties for market entities and pre-event prevention of illegal risks. Create a full-process tracking and multi-departmental collaborative operation model for enterprise application, problem research and judgment, assignment transfer, and enterprise evaluation, so that administrative law enforcement departments can issue corporate laws and regulations and rule of law propaganda for a certain region and an industry, and issue early warning information to market entities point-to-point .

The third is to develop online service models. Integrating inclusive services into E-service WeChat group and other platforms, realizing the full entry of legal consultants into the mobile “Weijia Park”. At present, a total of 15,894 times of information has been pushed, and 1,2013 person-times of handheld legal services have been provided. Create a “Law Hui Demonstration Zone” cloud classroom, provide market players with popularized, integrated, and precise “cloud services” for the popularization of law, and push the “Civil Code”, “Enterprises’ Measures in Intellectual Property Protection” and other “cloud classrooms” Issue 35.

2. Guided by the full coverage of the three-level network, improve the quality and efficiency of legal services that benefit enterprises and the people

The first is to improve the public legal service network at the county, town and village levels. The county public legal service center has windows for legal consultation, legal aid, people’s mediation, judicial appraisal, comprehensive services, etc. It has a total of 10 reception staff, and cooperates with the notary office to realize “one-stop” legal services. Synchronously set up public legal service stations and windows in towns (streets) and villages (communities), and install smart self-service kiosks for public legal services and “judicial benefiting people” posts to provide people with legal services at their doorsteps.

The second is to improve the construction of the three major platforms of entities, networks, and hotlines. Open WeChat public accounts of “Jiashan Judicial” and “Jiashan Judicial” Douyin public accounts; guide the masses to submit online appointments and applications through the government service self-service kiosks, Zhejiang government service network, “Zheli Office” app and other platforms, and pass the Jiashan County Card The self-service machine of the information management system can be used to realize the unified call of 17 types of license information such as business licenses and household registration certificates, which can be used as evidence in related notarization and assistance cases. Integrate the “12348” public legal service hotline into the “12345” county magistrate hotline to improve service levels.

The third is to improve various mechanisms for public legal services. In the province, it was the first to issue the “Implementation Plan for the Jiashan County Government to Purchase Public Legal Services from Social Forces.” Deepen the “1+N” public legal service mobile workstation model, and provide on-site supervision, pre-litigation preservation, lawyer mediation, judicial confirmation, deposit notarization, enforcement, etc. for the resolution of group and sudden major conflicts and disputes at the grassroots level. “One-stop” legal service. Since the beginning of this year, it has participated in the handling of 18 collective labor disputes, involving 886 people, and the amount of the subject is more than 26.26 million yuan; formulated the legal service plan for the transformation and upgrading of the button industry in the Dashun area for the Xitang Town People’s Government; provided evidence for preservation of model houses in the county Notarized more than 10 times.

3. Taking the integration of the Yangtze River Delta as an opportunity to jointly build a public legal service “response circle”

The first is “co-construction” to strengthen regional coordination. The Judicial Bureaus of the Qing, Wu, and Jia districts signed the “Memorandum of Public Legal Services for the Development of Ecological and Green Integration Demonstration Zones in the Yangtze River Delta” to establish ten cooperation items based on the “1+5” model, that is, to jointly establish “1” Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zones Public legal service expert group, established “5” mechanisms such as party building exchanges and cooperation of law firms, young lawyers’ growth platform co-construction, non-litigation and foreign-related legal affairs seminars, legal aid case handling consultations, and information joint sharing.

The second is to “build advantages together” to deepen exchanges and cooperation. Integrate resources and carry out activities such as the salons for young lawyers in the three places and the forum on the rule of law business environment. On July 28, Jiashan County Judicial Bureau went to Qingpu District Judicial Bureau to study and inspect the work of law firms, learn from the experience and practices of law firm party building, service center work, and strengthening teamwork. Zhejiang Orient Zhengda Law Firm and Shanghai Dongju Lawyer The firm develops long-term strategic cooperation.

The third is the “One Internet Access Management” initiative to optimize services. The three places jointly signed the “Green Jiawu” Notarization and Co-construction Cooperation Framework Agreement to promote business exchanges, informatization construction and service levels; signed the “”Qing Jiawu” Legal Aid Co-construction Framework Agreement” and reached an active implementation ” There are three contents including “collection agency model”, strengthening business communication and improving the quality of cases. In terms of data sharing, the Jiashan County Notary Office actively sorted out the high-frequency network of notarization matters, laying a foundation for the realization of “one network operation” in the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone.

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