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The “Twenty Suggestions” that Xi Jinping can’t hear Popular on the Internet | The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China | Suggestions to the 20th National Congress

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The “Twenty Suggestions” that Xi Jinping can’t hear Popular on the Internet | The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China | Suggestions to the 20th National Congress

[NTDTV, Beijing time, June 30, 2022]After Xi Jinping proposed to collect “Twenty Suggestions” from netizens, the CCP official said it had collected more than 8 million opinions from netizens. At the same time, the “Advice and Suggestions to the 20th National Congress” initiated by the private sector is also popular on the Internet, including the hope that leaders will “get off work at the right time”, stop nucleic acid testing, announce the whereabouts of the iron chain woman and the truth about the Tangshan beating incident.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is scheduled to be held this fall. In response to this, the CCP official, in accordance with Xi Jinping’s “instructions”, solicited opinions from all netizens through the Internet from April 15 to May 16. It is the first time in the history of the CCP that this kind of “full-process democracy” is claimed by the CCP.

The CCP official media said on June 26 that it had received more than 8.542 million “comments from netizens”. Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the CCP, recently “instructed” to “seriously study” and “fully absorb” these opinions.

However, observers believe that under the current political environment of the CCP, it is difficult for Xi Jinping to receive real “public opinion” on major issues, and it is even less likely to hear criticism from netizens’ comments collected by the government.

Ironically, a Chinese non-governmental “Suggestions and Suggestions to the 20th National Congress” soliciting opinions from netizens quickly aroused enthusiastic responses from netizens.

Xiao Guoju, a netizen who organized the “suggestions and suggestions”, said, “Suggestions and suggestions to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are a vivid manifestation of the people’s democracy in the whole process.” However, these real “suggestions and suggestions” from the people were quickly banned by the government. A reporter from Radio France Internationale found out on WeChat Moments on Wednesday (June 29) that they were blocked from reading for less than half an hour.

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According to Fa Guang’s collation, these “advice to the 20th National Congress” from the people include the following categories.

Screenshot of the comment area of ​​netizens’ “Suggestions and Suggestions to the Top 20”. (web screenshot)

The first category is against life-long system and advises leaders not to fall in love with the stack

Zhan xx: Oppose any form of personality cult, and oppose any form of lifelong tenure for leading cadres. The immoral and incompetent who mess up the national economy and people’s livelihood will step down! Power, especially at the top, must be caged! ····Integrate with the international community and conform to the international trend!

Elder: No matter how great the energy is, it is no bigger than the sky. Give a person 10 years, and basically all the abilities that should be exerted can be exerted. If they continue to work, it will hinder the progress of future generations and does not conform to the law of development. Dao: Get rid of the cult of personality, implement collective leadership, oppose leftism, and emancipate the mind.

philipKang: You’ve worked hard, take a break, stop serving the people, okay? Cancel the nucleic acid, cancel the health code, and be a normal country like the rest of the more than 200 countries in the world.

The second category mainly involves freedom of speech and “rule of law”

Zhejiang D Pioneer: Give me back my human rights, give me votes, and practice the Constitution. For public power, nothing can be done without the authorization of the law, and with regard to private rights, nothing is prohibited by the law. Hope the government can play an exemplary role.

Luo Jianbin: I hope to truly realize the rule of law, rather than the rule of man.

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Big Brother: Freedom of speech and personal freedom are natural human rights that cannot be violated. Whoever stands on the opposite side of the people is the sinner of the Chinese nation.

Aid: Whoever does not let the people speak and express is the enemy of the people.

Hero Peter: Stay away from darkness, get close to civilization, and be in company with civilization to ensure the safety and freedom of the people. Eradicate the real underworld forces and restore the people’s freedom of belief.

Tudou: When I heard the word “initial intention”, I was very discouraged. So chilling and disgusting. Let’s take a private visit and see the tears at the bottom.

Walker: I’ll just say two things, so I won’t be stunned: 1. Officials announce property. 2, also the historical truth.

The third category, requiring stop clearing

Tang Yu: The current practice of the epidemic is laboring the people and hurting the wealth, and tossing yourself. It seems that the epidemic does not hurt much. How many secondary disasters are there? Whether we can deal with the epidemic realistically, our approach will only make the enemy happy, and will make the gap between us and the US imperialism wider and wider.

Lee Lee: Don’t engage in stupid dynamic zero policy, don’t carry out terrorist propaganda about the epidemic, don’t use the epidemic to achieve other purposes, please respect science, face science, open the country, be open and inclusive to welcome the world, don’t be with Russia Those vicious, vicious and rogue countries in North Korea are friends!

Raising pigs to a well-off society: Cancel nucleic acid and cancel various codes, so that ordinary people can return to normal.

Cathy: I don’t care who is the chairman, I don’t want to be a nucleic acid, and I don’t want to be oppressed.

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Ah et al.: Please unify the nucleic acid policy across the country to avoid the phenomenon of “layers of overweight”. In places where there is no epidemic, nucleic acid testing is required twice a week, and the testing method is not effective. What is the significance of this move? Is this how the local economy spends? It’s better not to have nucleic acid?

Concerned about the Chain Girl and Tangshan beating incident

There are also many posts concerned about the Chain Girl and Tangshan beating incident, such as:

Tian Jianjun: Has the iron chain girl problem been solved? Has the Tangshan beating problem been solved?

Elisa: Can you reveal the whereabouts of the woman in chains? Can you let her come out and choose her life freely? Can the four women in Tangshan meet the reporters?

Dr. Hyde: How is the Chain Girl now? Is Xiaohuamei in Yunnan still alive? Please ask the central government to let Li Ying’s uncle visit and allow a third party to do the identification. Strictly check whether there were any officials involved in the chain of interest in the abduction and sale of women in chains, and scrutinize local village and town cadres.

The French cited Zhang Lun, a professor at the University of Sergi-Paris in France, that dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping is beginning to sink and sink to the social level. This trend has been greatly strengthened recently due to the deterioration of the economy and forced reset. Two years of economic deterioration and draconian clearing measures, dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping will not sink so fast.

(Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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