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The U.S. offers a reward for tracing foreign politicians’ dirty money expert: Sword points to corrupt officials of the Chinese Communist Party | CCP flees corrupt officials | Global Democracy Summit | Foreign leaders dirty money

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[NTD News December 13, 2021 Beijing time]The U.S. Treasury Secretary said a few days ago that it will step up efforts to detect the dirty money hidden in the United States by corrupt foreign leaders. The Treasury Department will set up an anti-corruption fund to reward those who provide clues. Experts said that this move by the United States is a sword against the CCP. The CCP’s wealth in the United States is astronomical, and many corrupt CCP officials have transferred funds and family members to the United States.

U.S. rewards for reporting corrupt officials

On December 10, Eastern time, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated at the Global Democracy Summit that the Treasury Department must play an important role in global anti-corruption.

The Democracy Summit was convened online by US President Biden in 111 countries around the world. The conference has three themes: strengthening democracy, fighting against autocracy, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights. The three major themes all point to the CCP.

On December 1, 2021, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is in Washington. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Yellen said that it is generally believed that Switzerland or the Cayman Islands is the focus of various countries’ supervisory authorities in the investigation and seizure of dirty money, but there is now a saying that the best place to hide illegal gains and launder money is the United States.

“We set up an anti-corruption fund to reward those who can provide clues about corrupt foreign leaders hiding money in the United States.” Yellen said, this work of driving thieves out of the United States and hunting them abroad, The Treasury Department will work with partners from the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the United States Agency for International Development.

The U.S. Congress has authorized the establishment of the “Asset Recovery Incentive” program, which will be part of the “National Defense Authorization Act” for fiscal year 2021 to help the United States in its efforts to identify and recover stolen assets and return them to relevant countries.

U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln criticized the CCP without naming names at the Democracy Summit, saying that the United States will take new steps to combat global corruption.

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“We will create a new role, the Coordinator on Global Anti-corruption Issues.” Blinken said the senior official will integrate and promote anti-corruption in all aspects of U.S. diplomacy and foreign aid. Ability and lead the U.S. efforts to implement the first anti-corruption strategy.

Expert: U.S. investigation of corrupt foreign officials is good news for the Chinese

The U.S.’s seizure of foreign leaders hiding in dirty money in the U.S. has aroused heated public opinion. Qin Peng, a commentator on current affairs in the United States, believes that this move by the United States is undoubtedly a stab at the CCP, which is of course good news for the Chinese.

He said in the “Qin Peng Political and Economic Observation” program that we Chinese all know that the CCP officials, large and small, not only transfer money to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries, but also transfer their wives, children, mistresses, and third parties. The milk and so on have gotten to the country where they are cursed every day.

For example, Qin Peng said that the son and grandson of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, and the grandson of Deng Xiaoping, all have US green cards.

Jiang Zemin was named the “Head Coach of Corruption” and “China’s No. 1 Corruption” by Chinese netizens, which means that Jiang Zemin not only “made a fortune” by himself, but also guided and condoned the corruption of officials at all levels of the Chinese Communist Party.

“True institutional corruption started after Jiang Zemin came to power after June 4,” Bao Pu, son of Bao Tong, former secretary of Zhao Ziyang, once told The Epoch Times that after Jiang Zemin came to power, the reform of the political system regressed, leading to corruption and ruling the country. “Because all economic policy formulation is a black box operation, it is a lot of money to decide who to give, which company to support, who will take over, and who the contract will give.”

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The Jiang Zemin family is considered to be the first corrupt family of the Chinese Communist Party. (Epoch Times Synthesis)

Guo Wengui, a wealthy businessman in exile in the United States, once disclosed that the state assets controlled by the Jiang Zemin family are at least US$1 trillion, and the amount of funds laundered is as high as US$500 billion, making him the invisible richest man in the world and a country that is as rich as the enemy.

Qin Peng ridiculed in the show that the US reward is often a percentage of the seized property, often millions of dollars. Audience friends who want to use this method to eliminate harm for the people and want to make a small fortune, you can pay more attention to it.

Twitter netizens also talked about this, thinking that the US move was directed at the CCP, “Accurately, this measure has hit seven inches”, “This day is a bit late, I wonder if it will be anticlimactic.”

Qin Peng believes that under the principles of cooperation, competition, and confrontation between the United States and China, how determined is the United States to carry forward this plan of retrieving leaders and officials of other countries, and how bold is it to directly seize the property of CCP officials and return them? Need to observe. But undoubtedly, now is a good start.

1.18 million relatives of CCP officials emigrated overseas

In September 2014, the Chinese Communist Party media People’s Daily Online disclosed that 1.18 million officials’ spouses and children have settled abroad and are at high risk of corruption. According to the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate, in the past 30 years, about 4,000 corrupt officials have swept away about 100 million yuan in stolen money per capita.

In 2011, the website of the Central Bank of the Communist Party of China published a report stating that since the mid-1990s, the total number of escaped and missing persons from the Communist Party of China and Chinese-funded institutions abroad was as high as 18,000, with 800 billion yuan in funds.

The United States is the first choice for the CCP to flee corrupt officials. A report by Radio Free Asia in 2011 disclosed: “U.S. government statistics show that 74.5% of the sons of officials above the ministerial level of the Chinese Communist Party (including those who have abdicated) have U.S. green cards or citizenship, and 91% of their grandchildren have U.S. citizenship. above.”

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For example, Jiang Zemin’s grandson Jiang Zhicheng (American), Chen Yun’s son Chen Yuan (American), Liu Huaqing’s daughter Liu Chaoying (American), Yuan Mu’s daughter (American), Bo Xilai’s son Bo Guagua (Canadian), Zhang Jianguo, granddaughter of Wu Guanzheng, former secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and son of Zhang Wannian, settled in the United States, and Zeng Wei, son of former Politburo Standing Committee member Zeng Qinghong, settled in Australia.

The picture shows Xi Jinping attending the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress on March 5, 2021. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

According to a report in Hong Kong’s “Dong Xiang” magazine in May 2012, the Chinese Communist Party launched an internal investigation. More than 90% of the direct family members of the 17th Central Committee have immigrated overseas, of which the United States accounted for the most.

Statistics show that in the 17th Central Committee, 187 members have immediate family members emigrating overseas, accounting for 91%; 142 alternate members have immediate family members emigrating overseas, accounting for 85%; 113 members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection have immediate family members emigrating overseas. Accounted for 88%.

In 2013, “Dongxiang” magazine disclosed that in the “Two Sessions” of the CCP that year, there were 179 deputies to the National People’s Congress holding foreign residency rights, foreign passports, and foreign nationalities, accounting for 6% of the representatives; nearly 450 members of the CPPCC, accounting for 20% of the members. .

According to the report, the “People’s Congress” meeting was ridiculed by the people as “rubber stamps” and “hand-lifting devices”, but now it is ridiculed as an “international conference”; while the “CPPCC” meeting is ridiculed as a “club of nations” by the public.

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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