Home News The United Nations calls on the Chinese authorities to immediately release the citizen journalist Zhang Zhan | Release Zhang Zhan | Reporters Without Borders | UN Human Rights

The United Nations calls on the Chinese authorities to immediately release the citizen journalist Zhang Zhan | Release Zhang Zhan | Reporters Without Borders | UN Human Rights

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021](Interviews by Epoch Times reporters Lin Cenxin and Hong Ning) The Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, who was thrown into prison by the CCP for reporting the epidemic, continues to receive international attention. The United Nations calls on China (the CCP) to release Zhang Zhan immediately, and calls on all countries to take emergency measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, including freedom of speech and media control, that should not be discriminatory.

The international community pays attention to Zhang Zhan

Agence France-Presse reported that on the 19th, Marta Hurtado, a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement: “We call on the Chinese authorities to consider releasing Ms. Zhang immediately—even if only because For humanitarian reasons, and respecting her will and dignity, we will provide her with emergency medical assistance.”

Hurtado is very worried about Zhang Zhan’s rapid deterioration of health. She believes that “sound free flow of information is particularly important in the early stages of crisis situations such as health emergencies.”

The spokesperson added, “We once again call on all countries to ensure that any emergency measures taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic-including relevant freedom of speech and the media-must be absolutely necessary, commensurate with the purpose, and right and wrong. Discriminatory.”

On the 18th, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) awarded Zhang Zhan the 29th Press Freedom Award “Journalism Courage Award”. Praising her for showing the city’s streets, hospitals, and patients’ families through social media live broadcasts when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, which became one of the main independent sources of information on the epidemic situation in Wuhan at that time.

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Governments of various countries have also spoken out for Zhang Zhan recently. US State Department Spokesperson Price called on China to release Zhang Zhan immediately and unconditionally at a regular press conference on the 8th; the German Foreign Ministry confirmed on the 16th that the German Embassy in China has requested the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to release Zhang Zhan immediately.

Chen Guangcheng: International attention to pressure rises

The well-known human rights activist Chen Guangcheng told The Epoch Times on the 17th that the Chinese Communist Party has spent a period of time in the past, using various methods such as foreign propaganda, coercion, and lure, with the purpose of transferring international investigations into the source of the virus. voice.

“Zhang Zhan did not commit any crimes, and it is a matter of immense merit to this nation and to the entire mankind, but why does the CCP have to put her in (prison) for persecution?”

Chen Guangcheng believes that Zhang Zhan’s actions described the early stage of the epidemic, the authorities concealing the truth about the virus, causing the spread of the epidemic, and the catastrophic consequences after the lockdown. This is also the main reason why the CCP wants to put Zhang Zhan in prison and persecute him.

“Furthermore, Zhang Zhan is a principled person who has never compromised. Since the day he was arrested, he has been on a hunger strike. People with bones like her are exactly what the CCP is afraid of.” He said.

On November 15, 2021, Chen Guangcheng, a well-known human rights activist in China, and overseas figures called on the Chinese authorities to release Zhang Zhan. (Provided by Chen Guangcheng)

Chen Guangcheng was persecuted by the CCP, arrested and put in jail, and placed at home under house arrest. At that time, it was also relying on the international community to write a large number of letters to CCP prisons and relevant departments. Really can play black hands.”

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“The international community’s call for Zhang Zhan has achieved initial results.” Chen Guangcheng said that from the CCP’s recent launch of online military verbal abuse on the Internet, we can see that the international community and the government’s recent appeals have achieved initial results, and we should continue to work hard.

Domestic lawyers and inter-provincial citizens jointly sign their concerns

“Zhang Zhan is already on the verge of life. No matter from the legal aspect, or from the humanitarian and human aspects, Zhang Zhan should be released so that she can get the best medical treatment and save a person’s life. It’s a critical moment.” Beijing lawyer Wang Yu made an appeal in an interview with Free Asia.

Upon learning that Zhang Zhan’s mother submitted an application for medical parole to the prison on the 15th, people at home and abroad initiated a joint signature to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Shanghai Women’s Warden.

The signed letter mentions, “I saw the application for medical parole by Zhang Zhan’s brother on the Internet and learned that Zhang Zhan’s life is hanging by a thread. We are very worried. In order to prevent the occurrence of tragedy, we appeal: Physical examination and emergency treatment.”

The co-signers include Wang Yu, Wang Quanzhang, Tang Jitian, Xie Yang, Ma Lianshun, Liu Shuqing, Zhong Jinhua, Wu Shaoping, Ren Quanniu, Tang Jingling, Lin Qilei, Wen Donghai, Wang Longde, Liu Shihui, Xie Yanyi, Liu Jianjun, Jiang Tianyong, Tong Chaoping Many Chinese lawyers, as well as citizens from across provinces and cities in China and overseas citizens.

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As of the 18th, the number of co-signatures exceeded 405.

Not afraid to suppress rights activists calling for the rescue of Zhang Zhan

At the end of October, Li Yu, a human rights petitioner in Zaozhuang, Shandong, continued to speak out for Zhang Zhangong on Twitter, calling for “rescue Zhang Zhan”. On November 2, Li Yu was placed under house arrest for 14 days in quarantine by the local government on the grounds of the epidemic in Fangshan District, Beijing.

After being released on the 17th, Li Yu told The Epoch Times that Zhang Zhan’s experience and unyielding personality made her feel empathetic and felt that her case was insignificant. Li Yu was detained many times for forced demolition to defend his rights, and was imprisoned twice for 6 years.

Li Yu said, “Zhang Zhan and I are of the same age, and I really feel the same. I see what Zhang Zhan is doing is really amazing and great. She uses her life to hope that this country will change and the system Change.”

Li Yu said that he saw a kind of perseverance in Zhang Zhan, “I hope a miracle will happen to her one day.”

Human rights activists in many places, including Shenzhen citizen Huang Meijuan and Gansu citizen Li Dawei, have signed their support for the release of Zhang Zhan.

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