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The United States points out “corruption” of the military, police and FSLN in Nicaragua

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The United States points out “corruption” of the military, police and FSLN in Nicaragua

The United States denounces the deep-rooted corruption within the Nicaraguan Police and Army, with ties to the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), as revealed in the recently published report on Human Rights for the year 2023 by the State Department.

According to the report, members of the FSLN have control over oversight bodies, the police, and the judiciary, allowing corruption to continue unchecked. Cases of mismanagement of funds by public officials are allegedly handled by FSLN members and President Ortega’s family, rather than by government entities tasked with overseeing public funds.

Despite the existence of laws that impose criminal sanctions for corrupt officials, the regime has failed to effectively implement them. The report highlights numerous incidents of government corruption throughout the year, with executive branch officials engaging in private deals without proper oversight.

The United States also points out that companies linked to high-ranking FSLN members and former police and military personnel dominate sectors such as security, construction, and pharmaceuticals, winning government bids for public services. Additionally, a select group of companies associated with political parties, especially the FSLN, consistently secure public tenders, particularly in road construction projects.

Furthermore, the report mentions complaints from private companies regarding arbitrary fines and excessive inspections imposed by customs authorities, which disproportionately affect businesses not affiliated with the ruling party.

The State Department’s reports delve into these corruption cases in Nicaragua, shedding light on financial crimes and the country’s investment climate. The revelations in the report underscore the urgent need for accountability and transparency within Nicaragua’s government institutions to combat systemic corruption.

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