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The upcoming Winter Olympics city volunteers will be unveiled, including seven types of volunteer service teams | Volunteers | Volunteer Service | Winter Olympics_ Sina News

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Source: Beijing Daily

Original title: Winter Olympics city volunteers will be unveiled, including seven types of volunteer service teams

The recruitment of urban volunteers for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics has begun one after another. On the day of the “12·5” International Volunteer Day, urban volunteers will be on duty at various city service stations throughout the city, adding luster to the “simple, safe, and exciting” Beijing Winter Olympics.

The urban volunteers of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics are mainly responsible for participating in and undertaking urban operation guarantees, including volunteers around the venues, volunteers at the city’s voluntary service stations, volunteers at the Winter Olympics ice and snow sports venues, volunteers in key communities, and volunteers for helping the disabled. Seven types of urban volunteer service teams, including volunteers, civilized transportation volunteers, and press center volunteers. During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, urban volunteers will provide information consultation, language translation, civilized propaganda, emergency assistance, environmental protection, and assistance to the disabled in places around the venues, voluntary service sites, and Winter Olympic demonstration communities. The recruiter will provide personal accident insurance and duration records for volunteers participating in the city’s voluntary service projects, as well as guarantees for volunteers’ clothing, meals, and protection against cold and warmth.

As the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Winter Games approach, all districts of the city have successively started recruiting urban volunteers. In recruitment channels such as the “Volunteer Beijing” platform, volunteers are actively signing up. Among them, there are hundreds of urban volunteer recruitment projects on the “Volunteer Beijing” platform. According to the recruitment requirements, the registered urban volunteers need to register with real names on the “Volunteer Beijing” platform and complete the new crown vaccine booster vaccination.

As one of the competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Shijingshan District relies on the Beijing West Development Alliance of Universities, the universities in the district, and the units in the district to carry out organized recruitment work, and is aimed at organizations and organizations with high enthusiasm for volunteer service and rich experience. Individuals carry out social recruitment. Up to now, more than 2,200 Winter Olympic city volunteers have basically been sorted out, and six types of volunteer echelons have been initially established, including colleges and universities, primary and middle schools, units in districts, outstanding youth representatives, neighborhood communities, and backbone management teams. According to the classification of urban volunteer positions, Haidian District provides volunteer reserves for universities and volunteer service teams. At the same time, it has recruited more than 400 key volunteers through the Winter Olympics test competition.

In the next step, we will continue to recruit urban volunteers from the society in accordance with the various work requirements of the urban area, and complete the recruitment and training of urban volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games on time. In Chaoyang District, the Youth League District Committee adopts the form of “recruitment by group”, accepting registration for groups of more than 10 people, and giving priority to service experience in large-scale events, especially volunteer teams and agencies, enterprises, institutions, and universities that have participated in service guarantees for celebrations. , Volunteer teams belonging to social organizations sign up, greatly improving work efficiency. Yanqing District strengthens overall planning and coordination, establishes docking of existing volunteer service organizations and teams with urban volunteer service stations, opens up social recruitment channels, and promotes the normal and long-term development of volunteer services. The railway system recruited volunteers from universities and enterprises, established 50 volunteer service positions based on the service requirements of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway station, and completed the recruitment of 100 English volunteers and 1,000 professional volunteers.

Currently, the recruitment and training of urban volunteers is underway. On the day of “12·5” International Volunteer Day, all districts of the city will simultaneously launch urban volunteer services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. (Wang Qipeng)


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