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The Uribe trial |  KienyKe

It’s a round but ridiculous argument. If he is responsible for the false positives, he is also responsible for the lives saved and if he had not asked for results, he would be responsible for what the State’s inaction would have allowed to be killed. There is no president in the history of Colombia who has achieved such a drastic reduction in homicide in Colombia, those lives were saved. And in no case do they justify the false positives, but attributing them to the president is an excess. To say it was public policy is ridiculous. It is a caricature of political fanaticism. The democratic security policy achieved a 46% reduction in homicide, 96% in kidnapping, 90% in massacres, 46% in displacement, and 71% in terrorism. That’s the only certain thing.

President Uribe’s social achievements are even more dazzling than his security ones. The senior citizen subsidy began to reach 900 thousand poor elderly people, families in action went from 300 thousand families to 2.6 million. Poverty was reduced and places in education were expanded. In the Seine, for example, it expanded from 1.1 million to 7.9 million students.

For this reason, he has been the president who retired from wear and tear having already exercised power with 80% acceptance. A feat that very few leaders achieve. But from then on, what has been experienced is only intentions to destroy his legacy and his person. Undemocratic practice but useful for the electoral purposes of others.

Using criminals to destroy the reputation of leaders is the wrong way to go. A person who kills has no problem lying. To believe that Uribe was a paramilitary and that it is possible to hide him among the thousands of men who belonged to that organization is ridiculous. Finding two or three testimonies that point this out and that they benefit from doing so shows that there were never any links with the paramilitaries.

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