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The US Government delivered an aircraft to El Salvador for humanitarian and surveillance missions

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The United States government officially delivered a Cessna 208B EX Grand Caravan aircraft (known as C208) to the Armed Forces of El Salvador.

This aircraft will provide new equipment to the Salvadoran Air Force to carry out medical evacuations, transport personnel, respond more efficiently in the event of natural disasters and monitor land and maritime borders in El Salvador.

The aircraft is the product of a donation from the North American government of $3.9 million and El Salvador contributed a counterpart whose amount was $1.6 million.

“Personally, I have flown in Caravan throughout Colombia and in the most remote parts of Africa. I like to think that tomorrow and in 20 more years this Caravan plane will be at the service of the Salvadoran people in the hands of the Salvadoran Air Force, carrying out humanitarian operations in cases of natural disasters, medical evacuations and transportation of personnel and cargo, and monitoring the borders. land and maritime areas of El Salvador,” commented the US ambassador, William Duncan, during the delivery of the single-engine.

The diplomat assured that the donation not only reinforces the long history of mutual support between the US and Salvadoran navies, he also said it is broader cooperation with an El Salvador that they consider a “reliable partner”, with which he described they have “a much more complex relationship that covers issues of trade, economic growth and direct investment and our cooperation in the fight against organized crime.”

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