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The Venezuelan opposition and the Maduro regime reached a “partial agreement” to review political disqualifications

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The Venezuelan opposition and the Maduro regime reached a “partial agreement” to review political disqualifications

Venezuelan Opposition and Maduro Regime Reach Partial Agreement to Review Political Disqualifications

The Venezuelan opposition and the regime of Nicolás Maduro have reached a “partial agreement” to review the political disqualifications of opposition presidential candidates, as reported by the Norwegian embassy in Mexico, the mediating country in the negotiations.

The agreement, signed by representatives of the dictatorship and the opposition grouped in the Unitary Platform of Venezuela, establishes that the authorization of all candidates for the presidency and political parties that comply with the “legal requirements, as well as the principles” will be promoted.

As part of the agreement, each of the interested parties will personally go to the Political-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela to exercise an appeal against the disqualification imposed on them, accompanied by a precautionary protection, between December 1 and 15. The Chamber will then rule on the admission of the claim and the protection requested.

The agreement also requires the plaintiffs to refrain from incorporating, both in their allegations and in public statements, offensive or disrespectful concepts against State institutions, as well as to respect the Constitution, “honor and defend the country”, abide by the decision of the TSJ, and reject any form of violence in political exercise.

The announcement of the agreement coincides with the deadline set by the Joe Biden Administration for the Maduro regime to take steps towards the authorization of opposition politicians, including Maria Corina Machado, who won the opposition primaries with 92.35% of the votes.

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The agreement was described by Gerardo Blyde, head of the Unitary Platform delegation, as a step in the right direction, while Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Chavista delegation, described it as “one more step in the right direction.” Previously, the United States had warned that it could reimpose some of the sanctions that it lifted against the Venezuelan dictatorship last month if the Maduro regime does not comply with certain commitments before the set deadline.

The partial agreement is seen as progress in the search for a peaceful and democratic solution to the political and economic crisis in Venezuela. However, the relief of sanctions is conditioned on Maduro complying with a series of requirements, including lifting the disqualifications of opposition candidates, beginning the release of Venezuelan political prisoners, and also unjustly detained Americans.

The agreement is a sign of potential progress in the ongoing negotiations between the Venezuelan opposition and the Maduro regime, and will have significant implications for the future of the country’s political landscape.

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