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The video that caused the suspension of Colombia vs Ireland is known

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The video that caused the suspension of Colombia vs Ireland is known

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“This was the move that led to Ireland’s withdrawal and the claims… It is foul, yes, but a normal game action. There is nothing as serious as the problem that the Europeans created… What do you think? “said the sports analyst on Twitter. It is worth mentioning that the foul was committed by the player Lorena Bedoya.

Through an official statement, the Colombian Football Federation stated that “the friendly match that was to take place as part of today’s training session between the Colombian Women’s National Team and Ireland, was suspended because the Irish National Team, a rival in practice this Friday, preferred not to continue playing when 23 minutes of the first half had already elapsed.

In the statement, they do not criticize the attitude of the rival team, instead they respected the decision: “although all the processes and training of our teams are framed in the rules of the game, healthy competition and FairPlay, among others, we respect the decision of our rival team”.

Ireland reproached the behavior of the Colombians

For its part, the Irish National Team assured that it decided to end the match, after consulting the decision with the arbitration body headed by Judge Caitlin Williams. The Irish preferred to stay training on the same court, fearing that the players would suffer an injury a few days after the start of the Women’s World Cup.

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Was the decision exaggerated? It must be said that the midfielder of the Irish National Team, Denise O’Sullivan, had to be taken to St Andrew’s Hospital due to a strong bruise on the shin, which he suffered in the first minutes of the game. In addition, two players from the Colombian National Team had already received a yellow card in less than twenty minutes.

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The player even underwent X-rays and CT scans on her leg to rule out a fracture or more serious injury, but the result was positive for O’Sullivan.

“The closed-door match between the Irish Women’s National Team and Colombia on Friday night ended after 20 minutes of play. The match, which was held at Meakin Park, Brisbane, he became too physical and it was decided, following consultation with match officials, to end the game. The Ireland team then underwent a full training session to continue preparations for their first match at the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023, against Australia in Sydney, on July 20.

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