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The virus shakes Naples: ambulance queues, growing infections, fibrillating hospitals. Doctors: “We are in black code”

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This morning they took a breath. But the images of the scary night just passed are still burned into the tired eyes and drawn face of those who found themselves sucked into the trench two years ago.

At the Cotugno hospital in Naples it is hard to stay calm. Last night one after the other, with Covid patients on board and in need of more important care, the ambulances formed a carousel of waiting and despair that evoked gloomy scenarios. In the queue, with the means of first aid, also several cars, on board of which people were traveling in search of the administration of oxygen for serious respiratory conditions. This morning the situation returned to normal, but what happened sounded the alarm and drew a perspective that made not only doctors jump out of their chairs, but also local politics. And he pushed the governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, to mutiny about the reopening of the schools promised by Rome: «In this condition I believe that it is irresponsible to open schools on January 10th. As far as we are concerned, I believe that we will not open middle and elementary schools, ”he said during the usual live-monologue on Friday afternoon. The fear of the “sheriff” is that the return to class could turn into a powerful vehicle for the transmission of the virus which during the Christmas holidays, thanks to the many occasions for meeting, suffered a new explosion. The goal, therefore, is to avoid short circuits and the chronicization of the queue of ambulances in front of hospitals.

School, De Luca: “In Campania we don’t reopen middle and elementary school on January 10”

A scenario that is anything but peregrine. The president of the Order of Doctors of Naples and its province, Bruno Zuccarelli even evoked the danger of the “black code” and asked the government for a “drastic measure” because “now we risk losing control”. “We would not want to be forced one day to the point of having to choose who to treat – observed Zuccarelli – For this we must run for cover.” The way forward for Zuccarelli is that of “compulsory vaccination” for all and of “sanitation of the environments”, in addition to observing the now known “precautions” that have changed sociality and imprisoned the manifestations of affection. “I believe – concluded Zuccarelli – that we must avoid hugging and kissing because they are absolutely risky behaviors”. Words that weigh but that convey the idea of ​​the difficulty of the moment.

Coronavirus, Cotugno hospital in Naples: coming and going of ambulances in the night

Difficulty that Rosario Sollazzo, coordinator of the infectious diseases area of ​​the nurses of the Cotugno hospital in Naples, said this morning: «We are reviewing the film of two years ago and the pressure on us is constant. The situation reached critical levels last night when there were not only ambulances waiting with patients on board, but also cars with infected people waiting for treatment. Even on the evening of December 31st we had a bad time ». The situation is getting tough. De Luca also asked for the closure of the stadiums as well as launching arrows against the central government: «I must note with great bitterness that Italy has lost three months of time without doing anything. We have burned a condition of relative advantage over other European countries. We have exalted and self-comforted. We have lost precious months without making serious and effective decisions. We are making fun of Italy. The level of insanity goes beyond imagination ». Also from the Neapolitan politics have arrived solicitations on the subject. With a letter registered today to the Municipality of Naples and addressed both to the mayor, Gaetano Manfredi, and to the president of the Municipal Council, the minority municipal councilor Antonio Bassolino (former mayor of Naples and president of the Campania Region), asked for the convocation of a extraordinary council meeting and called for a working table that sees all the institutions involved in the action to combat the spread of the virus meet. “The worsening of the pandemic spread and the hospital situation are very worrying. All the most important institutions – Municipalities, Region, Government – must work together, as well as the different segments of the health system – reads the letter – I therefore ask you to convene the Municipal Council of Naples with absolute urgency to discuss and decide all that together. that it is possible and necessary to do “.

Covid, De Luca: “Our children guinea pigs of politicizing politics and opportunism”

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