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The Voice of Black Soil丨Innovation, innovation and innovation

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May 28, 2023 10:15:56

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Xu Minghui

Grasping innovation is grasping development, seeking innovation is seeking the future. “Put the basic point of revitalizing development on innovation”, the words are still ringing in my ears. The province’s value pursuit of innovation, innovation, and re-innovation is becoming more and more clear, the momentum of building an “innovative Longjiang” is becoming more and more abundant, and the “new content” of economic and social development is getting higher and higher.

Entering the “no man’s land” and opening up a “new track”, the Harbin Science and Technology Building is the footnote of our province’s efforts in technological innovation in recent years and the epitome of optimizing the innovation ecology. Let the “key variable” of scientific and technological innovation become the “largest increment” of revitalization and development, which has been transformed from concept to consciousness, and from hard work to actual performance.

There are thousands of techniques, but Tao is the only one. Technological innovation is the foundation of prosperity and the key to safety. Based on the reality of a major province of science and education, Heilongjiang chooses advantageous tracks, achieves directional breakthroughs, and builds an innovation system. Whether it is focusing on the construction of the “Six Longjiang Rivers”, vigorously promoting the “Eight Revitalizations”, or accelerating the construction of the “4567” modern industrial system, they all show the neat pace of the “innovation matrix” and the powerful power of the “innovation factor”. .

Technology is the primary productive force, talents are the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force. It can be seen that the surging momentum of technological innovation is due to a series of policies issued by our province. The innovation of system and mechanism creates an external environment in which people want to innovate, dare to innovate, and can innovate, and then internalize it into a “new force”.

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The provincial science and technology activity week with rich content and extensive participation is in full swing. Is the whole society enthusiastic about innovation and creation? Lack of confidence in the leadership of technology? There are vivid answers here.

Let the innovative elements stimulate each other, let the innovative subjects help each other, and we will definitely be able to run out of the acceleration of revitalization and development.

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