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The world’s top ten medical device companies collectively appear at the China International Import Expo and accelerate the landing of international medical products – Teller Report Teller Report

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The world‘s top ten medical device companies collectively appear at the CIIE

The medical device and healthcare exhibition area of ​​this year’s CIIE has attracted many high-quality companies to participate. Among them, the top 15 pharmaceutical giants in the world gathered at the CIIE for the first time in five years. The top ten medical device companies in the world made a collective appearance at the exhibition. What are the specific highlights? Follow the camera of CCTV reporters from the main station to take a look at the scene together.

CCTV reporter Wang Shiyu: My current location is at venue 8.1. The medical equipment and medical and health care exhibition area of ​​this year’s CIIE is still composed of three venues, and the other two venues are mainly exhibits in medicine, health food and rehabilitation and elderly care. And Hall 8.1 where I am, focuses more on medical equipment. This year, the world‘s top ten medical device companies all collectively appeared at the CIIE.

When it comes to medical equipment, I don’t know what everyone will think of. My first reaction is the doctor’s scalpel. In addition, I also imagine some static medical equipment such as detectors. However, I came to this exhibition area and found that there are a lot of “dynamic” equipment this year, especially the booth next to me, which is very conspicuous.

There are three groups of surgical robots appearing at the same time, which means “robot mobilization”. So what exactly does this slightly sci-fi scene do, let’s take a closer look at it.

First of all, let’s take a look at this one. In comparison, it has the largest footprint and the largest array, with four robotic arms surrounding the operating table. Then it mainly focuses on operations such as laparoscopy that require delicate operations and are very suitable for minimally invasive surgery. This is also the first exhibition of this system in China.

How does the surgical robot work? Let’s experience it.

With this custom 3D glasses on, this camera caught me. Now what I see is the inside of the simulated abdominal cavity. And when I operate these two devices, I can see the robotic arm over there, and it operates synchronously with the movements of my hand.

Let me tell you how I feel. No matter what movement I do, it has a resistance that is not too small or too small to help me control it. And if I have a slight hand shake now, we can see that this slight shaking is filtered out at the end of the robotic arm, and it can still operate stably.

This is also a very important role of surgical robots, which can be more precise and stable. The other two are auxiliary robots for neurosurgery and spine surgery, which are also used in some of the most delicate operations.

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We learned that the positioning accuracy of this robotic arm is sub-millimeter level, and the whole process can be visualized, improving the accuracy of the operation, shortening the operation time, and reducing the possibility of postoperative complications and postoperative recovery time.

Seeing such a futuristic robot mobilization, you may wonder how far we are from their application? In fact, this robot for spine surgery was officially launched in China in August last year, and it has been used in many surgeries. So the “future” is not far away from us.

Then, everyone will definitely be more concerned about security issues. Indeed, in our common sense, doctors often need to come to the scene to judge and operate during surgery, and robots currently do not have such capabilities. So in fact, I also paid special attention to this issue. The staff told me that the names of these three robots have the word “assistance” in front of them. It is not a substitute, but an auxiliary operation and execution, allowing some relatively mechanized content to reduce human influence.

We often say that we can see the future from the CIIE, so we believe that in the future medical care, no matter whether the robot will have a smarter “brain”, and whether the scale of the robot mobilization will become larger and larger, the core must be to better Serve for “people”.

Concentrated debut of new technologies showing new trends in the industry

This year’s medical equipment and medical care exhibition area will not only have large “surgical robots”, but also more “small but sophisticated” new technologies in the industry that we can’t even see with the naked eye: including some new treatments for common diseases with high incidence , and also covers many fields such as health and wellness. In the past few days of “Exploring the Museum”, the reporter heard some high-frequency keywords such as “fine”, “precise”, “innovation”, etc. It is not difficult to see some new changes and new trends in the development of the global medical industry.

Locking in “fine” means and striving for personalized diagnosis and treatment

Cancer, heart disease, etc. are common high-incidence diseases that seriously threaten human health. Due to the different individual differences of patients, the reporter found that exhibitors brought a lot of “black technology” means, and strived to achieve personalized and more efficient diagnosis and treatment. While improving the effect of diagnosis and treatment, they paid more attention to reducing risks such as complications.

Zeng Zhiyu, an exhibitor at the CIIE: During interventional cardiac surgery, some tissue fragments and thrombus may follow the blood flow and enter the brain through the branches of blood vessels. Where the vascular access to the brain is, the netting can capture this debris, capture this residue, and then remove it. In this way, it is possible to prevent strokes caused by surgery.

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Focus on “Precision” From Precise Diagnosis to Precise Treatment

Adding such a “net pocket umbrella” during cardiac interventional surgery can achieve efficient treatment and reduce complications; while for patients with multiple brain metastases, an invisible “ultra-arc knife” is needed to more accurately lock the location of the lesion. achieve precise treatment.

Zhang Xiao, an exhibitor at the China International Import Expo: The invisible knife is inside. There is an x-ray tube inside. Because brain tumors are very important, we should try our best to avoid the invasion of normal brain tissue by its rays. Treating his tumor without invading his normal tissues allowed the man to live. So not only is he cured, but he can still live a good life.

The premise of accurate treatment is accurate diagnosis. At present, precise diagnosis is changing the way of disease prevention, treatment and monitoring. It can not only allow patients to quickly obtain the optimal treatment plan, but also effectively reduce the burden on the medical system and improve medical efficiency.

Feng Shihan, an exhibitor at the CIIE: Like this instrument, it can do a genetic test for you within 12 hours and find out how you can prescribe the right medicine.

Yao Guoliang, an exhibitor at the CIIE: After getting the specimens from cancer patients after surgery, put the sample slides into our analysis system. This allows the pathologist to know exactly what the tumor is.

The health field is concerned about the whole process of R&D innovation

Whether it is in the clinical stage or in the research and development stage, many exhibitors said that they are constantly iterating on technology and innovating in response to market demands at different stages, striving to better serve Chinese consumers.

Liu Zhenya, an exhibitor at the China International Import Expo: We will introduce more and more products suitable for family health, such as small, portable ones that are relatively easy to operate, covering various organs and fields of the body, such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy. solutions to apply to the home.

China International Import Expo exhibitor Qiu Hanhua: Since 2019, we have established the Chengdu Innovation Center in Chengdu, and in 2022 we will establish the Shanghai Innovation Center in Shanghai. The best medical services are also brought to our Chinese clients and consumers.

The spillover effect is obvious, and the international medical products are accelerated

Since the 5th China International Import Expo, more and more world-class medical equipment, new technologies and new services have come to China with the “Dongfeng Import Expo”. medical service.

In the operating room of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, the attending physician is performing transcatheter aortic valve implantation for a 64-year-old patient. The transcatheter aortic valve used in this operation has attracted a lot of attention after its debut at the CIIE in 2020.

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Tan Tianli, person in charge of the exhibitors at the CIIE: From 2020 to this year, it is the third year to join the CIIE. I see the huge impact of the CIIE. We have served about 500 patients.

Guo Yingqiang, Professor of Cardiac Surgery, West China Hospital, Sichuan University: We introduced this latest product to China, hoping to solve some difficult problems of aortic valve disease in elderly patients. Bringing more benefits to our patients through a relatively simple, safe and effective way of insertion.

Driven by the continuous spillover effect of the CIIE, this heart valve has been included in the medical insurance coverage of Henan and Shanghai, and has landed in more than 70 hospitals in 23 provinces and cities across the country.

In the Central Health Center of Gaogu Town, Pengshui County, Chongqing, the radiologists here are connecting with the medical team participating in the 5th China International Import Expo, and the medical team in Shanghai is remotely operating the patient through the 5G remote system. CT detection and case sharing are realized at the same time, and grass-roots hospitals are linked with higher-level hospitals online, and patients receive expert consultation as soon as possible.

Xiao Ping, Department of Radiology, Central Health Center, Gaogu Town, Pengshui County, Chongqing: During the remote system’s operation for us, some of the more difficult body scans, or the more difficult cases to diagnose, can be remotely consulted by experts, or Guide us and help us solve problems.

It is understood that up to now, 40 primary medical and health institutions in Pengshui County, Chongqing have achieved full coverage of DR, color Doppler ultrasound and other equipment. As a result, the medical conditions and level of diagnosis and treatment of primary health institutions have been improved, and the two major problems of “retaining patients” and “retaining doctors” in primary hospitals have been effectively solved.

Zhang Weilong, Director of the Rural Health Management Center of Pengshui County, Chongqing: We have installed a remote consultation system for these devices. Through these devices and systems, the accuracy of disease diagnosis and the effectiveness of treatment have been improved, and the sense of acquisition of the common people has been enhanced. In recent years, the first diagnosis and treatment rate in Pengshui has remained at around 72%, achieving the national goal of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

(Headquarters CCTV reporter Wang Yanyuequn Liu Yingtian Qiyong Dong Bin Liu Ming Wang Shiyu Li Hongmiao Zhang Bojun Sichuan Channel)

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