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The young Andrea Vassallo elected provincial secretary of Action

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Today (January 15) the provincial assembly of Action (Carlo Calenda’s party) unanimously elected Andrea Vassallo as provincial secretary. Graduated in Italian and European Law Sciences, 23 years old, he founded the Action group in Saluzzo and contributed to the birth of the movement in the Granda.
The new Provincial Governing Council was also elected, made up of 40 members: Nicola Chionetti (Dogliani), Pietro Danna (Mondovì), Michele Valsecchi (Monregalesi Valleys), Alberto Ribezzo (Mondovì), Giuseppe Delfino (Busca), Gabriella Roseo (Cuneo ), Francesca Bertazzoli (Mondovì), Giovanni Battista Agù (Po Valley), Maria Laura Risso (Cuneo), Leonardo Forotan (Bra), Silvio Artusio Comba (Roero), Maurizio Iovinelli (Saliceto), Massimo Marengo (Alba), Federico Magnano (Valli Monregalesi), Cristina Oasi (Valli Monregalesi), Arianna Regis (Valli Monregalesi), Debora Carnazza (Valli Monregalesi), Guido Roggero (Alba), Vito Genovese (Cuneo), Vincenzo Pellegrino (Cuneo), Gianluca Serale (Cuneo), Marco Giraudo (Cuneo), Simone Mina (Savigliano), Mattia Tripodi (Vignolo), Ivana Casale (Saluzzo), Lorenzo Busciglio (Beinette), Nicolò Musso (Limone Piemonte), Nadia Toselli (Beinette), Oscar Borgogno (Cuneo), Giovanni Battista Testa (Cavallermaggiore), Matteo Blengino (Fossano), Gianfranco Dogl iani (Fossano), Stefano Quaglia (Saluzzo), Antonella Silvia Morra (Sam Michele Mondovì), Dora Perotto (Valle Bronda), Anna Tardivo (Busca), Elena Cavallo (Borgo San Dalmazzo), Francesco Albanese (Cuneo), Lorenzo Alliani ( Ceva), Milena Signetto (Po Valley). The delegates to the National Congress are: Andrea Vassallo, Giuseppe Delfino and Gabriella Roseo.
«I thank the provincial assembly and the deputy Enrico Costa for the trust placed in me – says the new provincial secretary -. A great deal of work awaits us to root Action even more in the province. We will start from the elaboration and study of concrete and pragmatic proposals that focus on the territory. The board of directors that was elected is made up of qualified people with great experience in important sectors, but also of dynamic young people animated by great passion. The goal is a political and programmatic alternative, to build the House of the liberals, the popular and the reformists ».
Action MP Enrico Costa: «The growth of a party passes through a stable structure and stable tasks for each one. But also through open doors to new energies who want to come forward. Our goal is to pursue a policy of common sense, made not of contradictions, but of synthesis between reasonable positions. We are part of the provincial administration with two elected officials and we will do our part. We are not yet represented in the Regional Council, nor has the center-right coalition so far thought it knew our thoughts on the most significant issues. This I think is significant of a wrong approach, but it doesn’t matter. Our ideas are strong, and we will affirm them anyway ».

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