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There are 4 health benefits of “drinking one thing” from the autumn equinox to autumn (Photos) Drinking tea | cooked tea | autumn |

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There are 4 health benefits of “drinking one thing” from the autumn equinox to autumn (Photos) Drinking tea | cooked tea | autumn |

Autumn is the mid-point of the ninety days of autumn, and autumn should be in accordance with the season to keep healthy and tonic. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Today is one of the twenty-four solar termsautumnal equinoxwhich is the midpoint of the ninety days of autumn.autumnIt is not only the season of “autumn fat”, but the human body is also prone to various symptoms of autumn deficiency and dryness of the lungs. During this period, it is necessary to maintain health and tonic according to the season. “Supplement to the Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Pu-erh tea is bitter in taste and greasy. …Bitterness, expel phlegm and expel gas, scrape the intestines to vent.” At this time, a glass of mellowcooked teanourish the body and mind, moisten the lungs and relieve dryness.

Isn’t it easy to be “autumn dry” in autumn? Will the cooked tea be very hot and easy to get angry? Will drinking cooked tea in autumn get hot? If you want to know whether drinking cooked tea will make you angry, you must first clarify the crux of drinking tea.

Reasons for drinking tea

1. Tea too new

For the ripe tea that has just been released, the tea leaves will have a certain odor and dryness more or less, which is a normal phenomenon. As long as it exists for a period of time, it will disappear naturally. Therefore, to drink cooked tea in autumn, as long as you choose some year-old tea or mature tea, and wake up the tea correctly and fully, you can drink a mouthful of warm, mellow, sweet and mellow cooked tea.

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2. It is related to personal constitution

Whether drinking tea will get angry or not has a lot to do with the individual physique of the tea drinker. Although the nature of cooked tea is relatively mild, if the tea drinker has a hot and dry constitution that is easy to get angry, and the cooked tea is relatively new, under the combined effect of many factors, the cooked tea is like a fuse. Resulting in tea drinkers more “get angry”. In order to prevent this group of people from getting angry when drinking tea, it is recommended to drink tea with a mild tea nature (such as old white tea, oolong tea, etc.), and then use a mild tea for blending.

3. Too much tea

No matter what kind of tea you drink, you must pay attention to a “moderate amount”, and drinking cooked tea is no exception. The amount of tea poured is about 7-8 grams, which is just right to drink. Once this amount is exceeded, it will easily lead to tea drunk.

4. Tea time

Compared with summer, although the climate turns cooler in autumn, it also has the characteristics of a large temperature difference between morning and evening. If you want to avoid drinking tea, you can drink an appropriate amount of cooked tea after breakfast or dinner, which can warm up very well. The stomach protects the stomach; and when we are in the hot and dry afternoon of the day, if we want to avoid drinking tea, we can drink it with raw tea.

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5. Drink only one type of tea

Tea drinking pays attention to the reconciliation of tea properties, and the complementarity of warmth and cold. If you want to avoid drinking cooked tea in autumn, you can choose a suitable tea type to drink according to your personal tea drinking preference and physique, but the choice of tea should not be too much.

4 Benefits of Drinking Ripe Tea in Autumn

1. Digestion, relieving greasy

The fermentation process forms a variety of beneficial flora. The effect of the flora can reduce the absorption of triglycerides and sugars in the small intestine, improve the decomposition of fat in the waist and abdomen, and improve the intestinal microbial environment, which has the function of smoothing the stomach.

2. Warm stomach, nourish qi

Drinking cooked tea in autumn can warm the body, nourish the stomach and protect the stomach. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Fermented and ripe Pu-erh tea, which is rich in beneficial bacteria, will not stimulate the stomach after entering the human body, and can form an adhesive film on the surface of the stomach, which has a protective effect on people with bad stomach. Ripe tea is warm and sweet, can gather yang energy in the body, make the body warm to warm the stomach, and also enhance the body’s ability to adapt to cold climates.

3. Improve immunity

Cooked Pu-erh tea contains thearubigin, theaflavin, theabrownin (TB), gallic acid and vitamin C, etc. These substances play an important role in improving the function of the human immune system and can effectively prevent colds.

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4. Supplement with trace elements

Every 500 ml of Pu-erh tea contains as many as 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body. Mainly polyphenols, caffeine, free amino acids, proteins, enzymes, aromatic substances, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, organic acids and trace elements iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, copper, Zinc, sodium, nickel, beryllium, boron, sulfur, fluorine, etc. These elements have a great effect on the human body, so drinking Pu’er tea in autumn can supplement the elements of the human body, so as to achieve the effect of health care.

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