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There are no priests, the festive masses in Cesiomaggiore and Soranzen have been halved

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There are no priests, the festive masses in Cesiomaggiore and Soranzen have been halved

The festive masses in Cesiomaggiore and Soranzen have been halved. And the one on Saturday evening in Busche, whose church is part of the parish of Pez, also skips. The death of Fr Samuel Gallardo at the beginning of October led the parish council of Cesiomaggiore – Soranzen to take this difficult but inevitable decision, after having talked with colleagues from Pez. On the other hand, there are no priests available to be diverted to fill the vacant role, so the only real solution is to make use of the collaboration of the priest of Pez, Don Claudio Centa.

At that point, however, a rationalization of the celebrations on Saturday and Sunday was necessary. Consequently, the solution found is the following: on Saturdays at 6 pm mass will be celebrated in Soranzen, while on Sundays there will be a mass at 8 in Cesiomaggiore and one at 10 in Pez. Stop. The masses of 11 on Sunday in Cesiomaggiore, of 9.30 on Sunday in Soranzen and of 18 on Saturday in Busche are therefore skipped.

A change of habit for the parishioners, but the choice was also made bearing in mind which are the most popular celebrations. The new schedule will come into effect from the upcoming weekend. For the parish council of Cesiomaggiore – Soranzen, the comment in the weekly notice sheet speaks. “The meeting with Bishop Renato oriented the way: the way to go is an ever greater collaboration between our parish and that of Pez. The first choice was to reduce the festive masses, so as to meet the priests who have so far alternated to celebrate them. With the new timetables, a single priest will be able to carry out the three celebrations. However, changes are not excluded, before the final choice “.

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For the moment, Don Claudio Centa, parish priest of Pez, who has written to his faithful will take care of presiding over the masses. «Since Don Samuel had fallen ill, I have celebrated at 8 in Cesio and now I have made myself available to celebrate at 18 on Saturday in Soranzen. I spoke about it in the Pastoral Council and with generosity I was shown the willingness to live the discomfort of depriving ourselves of the festive mass in Busche, so as to meet the two parishes with which we collaborate more and more. I am sorry to remove Busche’s mass, but the emergency situation does not allow us to do otherwise. Busche will not be abandoned, given the good participation that has always been there even on weekdays. I will make sure to celebrate there twice a week, possibly on Mondays and Fridays, that is to say on the days closest to Sunday ».COMBINE

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