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It is time to celebrate the book, the party of the word through physical and digital publications. To continue promoting life around meetings such as the Hay Festival, which this year came of age.

Attending the walled wall to listen to reflections on humanism, literature, art, photography, among other topics that are of general interest, which, as a pleasant conversation and in heritage spaces and well-chosen halls, are carried out by writers of the level of Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Alonso Sánchez Baute, Daniel Mordinzki, among others, delight us with their wisdom and experiences as alphabet workers.

We must stand up to applaud these initiatives that are consolidated year after year, where it is shown that literature does fill auditoriums, for this it is to observe the enormous Getsemaní auditorium of the Cartagena Convention Center, where there was no room for another soul, listening to Padura, already many others who with their novels take us to literary fantasy.

Bravo for the organizers. Bravo for the letters and the writers. Bravo for Cartagena and for the sponsors of this literary festival.


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