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These are some of the most shocking scams by Marketplace

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These are some of the most shocking scams by Marketplace
Marketplace Scams
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In recent years, a type of organized crime has become popular through the platform Marketplace de Facebook. With fake offers, criminals execute robberies, scams, kidnappings and murders.

Authorities affirm that many of the cases could have been avoided if the basic security measures for these transactions were known.

In a special newspaper job Final version some shocking cases were detailed. They also reviewed the advice of the police forces to avoid falling into the hands of crime.

a dangerous platform

Facebook Marketplace has become a widely used buying and selling platform among Venezuelans. It offers all kinds of products such as cars and cell phones.

This is used by organized criminal gangs to commit crimes. Since 2021, low-cost vehicles have been offered on this platform. This, in order to attract potential buyers who will later be victims of a crime.

When the client arrives to meet the presumed seller, these criminals steal the money that they take for the purchase. In other cases the buyers are kidnapped.

In some cases, they even kill them.

Among the most recent cases, that of four gunmen who subdued a gullible buyer. The man came to negotiate a van for $3,060 in Yare.

The buyer was subdued and robbed by the subjects in the vicinity of the Luisa de Jacote school in La Pica. This happened on March 22.

At the beginning of the month, a police officer and two cousins ​​were subdued by criminals in Ocumare del Tuy. The victims were going to buy a van offered at low cost by Marketplace.

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The criminals immediately subdued the three men and placed them in a wooded area. In addition, they demanded money to release them.

A neighbor of the sector notified the authorities and in a police-military operation they toured the place in search of the victims.

At the site they observed one of the subjects, who had escaped by a river. Minutes later they rescued the other two victims.

They also recovered the van in which they had traveled.

They also kill policemen

In August 2022, an officer of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) was murdered after completing an alleged purchase through Marketplace.

The victim, Kerwuin Gifted, was ambushed by antisocials in Miranda state. Regalado went to finalize the delivery of a truck, but was assassinated.

The Cicpc rescued three men and a teenager in July 2022 in Aragua state who were kidnapped. They all fell into the hands of criminals when negotiating a vehicle on the platform.

These people were subjugated by 15 individuals who form a criminal group led by aliases «The Russian». The victims were threatened with death and stripped of their belongings.

The antisocials demanded money from the family in exchange for their release, but they were rescued by the police.

Recommendations from the authorities

As a result of the rise in this type of crime in the Marketplace, police experts recommend caution when using social networks to buy.

The Cicpc has been promoting a campaign since 2021 to raise awareness among those who buy vehicles through this platform.

Since 2021, the police agency has made its offices in the country available to buyers. this so that can receive or deliver a purchase completed through the Marketplace.

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With this they intend to avoid scams or violent acts. They also recommend making transactions with trusted users and in safe places.

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